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The Dutch farmers' revolution continues and intensifies

The Dutch farmers’ revolution continues and intensifies

In the Netherlands, farmers’ riots against the insane rule of the state, which, by reducing the input of nitrates, lead to the termination of their productive activities, or their sharp decline. This led to a month-long series of extreme protests, during which we came to see police shooting an unthreatening tractor, as well as other behaviors on the edge of the dictatorship.

Yesterday, farmers cut several highways by setting fire to piles of straw, manure and tires, causing transportation to be closed:

The law, which cuts nitrate and nitrogen nitrite emissions by 50% or 70% depending on the region, is the daughter of the judiciary that rejected the previous control regime for agricultural emissions in 2018. So far the use of courts has become a classic to impose undemocratic desires on the people. At the time, the government passed this new law that left farmers with no alternative but: shut down, adjust, shut down, or leave. There are about 30,000 companies that will have to downsize or shut down severely, according to the politician. These are tens or hundreds of thousands of people who will lose everything and are therefore ready for anything.

The government now fears that their defensive movement could become the center of a more serious protest movement that would then turn to the right, but it was they who wanted it and created it. Laws and judges do not come out of thin air, and a good revolution may be needed.

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