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Income of citizenship, Travaglio in La7: “It must be amended but what is the revision to remove it from the unemployed? From August they will be under the bridge “


After 3 years of operation, it’s clear that some adjustments need to be made basic income. But wouldn’t it be a touch to remove him from all those who take him just because they can’t find work? Think exodusie me 50 years old shoots overnight, he can no longer find work and still does not have a pension. You want to give them at least 500 euros to get or Do you want to throw them under the bridge? This is what will happen from AugustAnd so, A.N “8:30” (La7), director occurring every day Marco Travaglio position criticism Meloni government On basic income, reply at the same time to the reporter Mariolina Sataniowhich complains of the large number of workers who work illegally and the lack of seasonal labor in the summer.

This is completely wrong data because it has nothing to do with income – notes Travaglio – The truth is that basic income It should be expanded, not reduced. All cases of abuse reported in the newspapers are the result of audits that indicate this Many more checks are made on a citizen’s income than on tax evasionwith the difference that it is difficult for one to evade 500 euros per month, while a smart citizen from the basic income needlessly takes a maximum of 500 euros per month. Penalties for cheating in citizenship income they are very tall, higher than fraud and tax evasion“.

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Travaglio comments: “But the problem with scams is not that you solve it by removing it from all employees, who were once called unemployed. There is Muslim CommitteeWhoever worked under Draghi made some excellent suggestions for improvement. Do you know what the Draghi government did to him? He destroyed them. Ask Chiara Saraceno, one of the leading experts on labor issues, what happened to her proposals in my hands Minister Orlando And the Draghi government. They have been completely trashed and ignored.”

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