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Vouchers of up to 10,000 euros for informal work: with the maneuver, the "work vouchers" are back

Vouchers of up to 10,000 euros for informal work: with the maneuver, the “work vouchers” are back

After 2017 tightening, strong reopening. with Meloni government maneuver Labor vouchers, popularly known as “vouchers,” made a comeback in the realm of agriculture, catering, domestic work, and personal services. And they do so with a double cap, given the 2017 law amendment that set a lump sum of €5,000 which now rises to €10,000.

Division between unions and employers

The news was heavily criticized, primarily by the union. For the CGIL Secretary, Maurizio LandiniVouchers increase instability while flat taxes and tax amnesty on the other hand allow “those who have never paid to continue not to pay: two traits which are quite wrong”. there CGIL Pugliese recalls a 2016 Inps study in which the institute wrote that “no significant statistical evidence has been produced regarding the appearance of unauthorized work activities, thanks to vouchers, while instead different situations (as in the case of relationships that are regulated with very few vouchers ) certainly does not dispel the doubt that the voucher is in fact an iceberg-type signal of greater submerged activity than was shown.” On the other hand, it rejoices Agriculture Veneto who welcomes the promotion of “a tool that has proven absolutely essential for agricultural enterprises to deal with peak work in the countryside, such as the harvest stages, which gives us the possibility of employing labor for short periods, at a very low cost”.

How do coupons work?

It is the explanatory report found in one of the drafts of the maneuver that reminds us that Occasional performance contract It was introduced – along with the so-called family book – with Legislative Decree No. 50 of April 2017 to “compensate for the regulatory vacuum created by the repeal of Articles 48, 49 and 50 of Legislative Decree 81/2015 governing the employment contract. Appendix”. Coupons canceled in March 2017, to avoid the referendum won by Susana Camuso’s CGIL with 3 million signatures, approved by Consulta and scheduled for May 28 of that year. was in the viewfinder Renzi government that relaxed requirements for the use of tickets. It fell to the Gentiloni government that took power, also due to the moral persuasion of President Mattarella, Vouchers canceled by decree before polls.

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The limit rises to 10,000 euros

Now with the Meloni government, the openings of this spin-off business governed by Legislative Decree No. 50 of 2017 are expanding, without returning to the real paper coupons of years ago but with large openings. The first relates to the fee limit: the maneuver raises the limit for casual business use by each user from 5,000 to 10,000 euros. Legislative Decree 50 also prohibited the use of casual service contracts for employees with more than five permanent employees. And Law No. 96/2018 (Dignity Decree) introduced an exception for hotel companies and accommodation facilities operating in the tourism sector, for work activities performed by pensioners, students under the age of twenty-five, the unemployed and beneficiaries of forms of income support, and raising the limit of the workforce. Up to eight workers.

Companies with up to 10 workers can use it

With the maneuver, we are in the second shirts expanded, “the possibility of using the incidental service contract is expanded, allowing users who work before Up to 10 permanent employees”, explains the explanatory report in a recent draft. And in the direction of “more flexible use in relation to the organizational needs of hotel companies and accommodation facilities operating in the tourism sector,” there is the possibility of using the occasional service contract for these companies of up to 10 workers, which eliminates the limit of categories of lenders “A similar flexibility was offered to companies in the agricultural sector that would be able to use – for a period not exceeding 45 days in the course of a calendar year – occasional labor services, if they employ up to 10 permanent employees.” The reference to recourse to Incidental service contract exclusively for the activities of certain categories of workers: retirees, youth under 25 years of age enrolled in university, unemployed, aid recipients reddit or.

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