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Tell me what bank you have and I'll tell you who you are.  New savings management services

Tell me what bank you have and I’ll tell you who you are. New savings management services

Parcels arriving in less than 24 hours, books read through screen and gates where you can watch any kind of movie at any time. The digital age has invested in the way we buy goods and services. approx. It does not seem strange to us now that we no longer have material support for our music, when only 15 years ago iPods were still rare creatures to be regarded with a certain respect. However, it is still difficult to allow digitization to penetrate certain sectors, such as banks.

N 26 is a bank born in 2013, in Berlin. It is completely digital. There are no physical facilities for customers, no counters or locations to spend the morning in queues. Everything can be managed from a smartphone. According to January 2021 data, in eight years it has exceeded 7 million customers in 25 countries. In 2020, the monthly transaction volume reached 5.5 billion euros. Everything is managed by 1500 employees. In fact, the absence of a physical counter does not mean that there is no connection with the bank: there is a customer service to call every day of the week.

In short, if he was a person in N26 he would be a digital citizen. The services it offers are not the home banking version of those offered by a traditional bank but are specifically designed to be managed with a smartphone. This can also be seen in the speed of operations. It takes exactly 8 minutes to open an account.

How wipers work: digital piggy banks

Managing your account from your smartphone isn’t just about avoiding all the steps (and queues) at the counter. It also provides access to new types of services aimed at enhancing savings. The most important of these services is spaces An option that allows you to open a series of spaces parallel to the main account to merge all the rest of the micro-transactions.

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Let’s take an example. If we set the cash function and make a transaction of 8.70 €, then 0.30 € will be transferred from our main account to our space. An ideal tool if you want to save up for a flight, a new PC, or if you want to buy tickets for that party that finally stopped being put off after two years.

At Spaces, you can set different savings goals. With an N26 Premium account you have up to 10 available spaces. In addition to the function of transferring the residuals arriving from the transactions, it is also possible to choose to allocate a number every day, every week or every month, coming to define a maximum of 10 rules that allow you to manage savings according to the needs of each.

Split Expenses: No More Calculators at Dinner with Friends

There are many good practices for saving. The first thing is to stop losing money by paying your friends for dinner that will never be refunded. N26 aims to facilitate these small operations. with cucumber Divide the expenses You choose the amount to split, select the list of contacts you want to do so, and then decide whether you want to split into equal parts or differentiate the amounts. Just to lose weight the one who ate spaghetti aloo scoglio and the most expensive white on pizza’s wine list. At this point, if the contacts have an N26 account, they will be able to pay the amount right away. Others will receive a message with the bank details to which the transfer can be made.

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Amazon Prime: Promote it for free

For those who open an account by July 31, 2021, consider N26 also fileOffer that includes Amazon Prime. In fact, all new customers will be able to count on the one-year free Prime subscription. The only request is to enter the Mastercard to which the N26 account is linked into the payment methods for the services provided by Jeff Bezos. Once you pay your Prime subscription with this card, the full amount will be refunded within 10 days.

Sponsored by N26 Bank GmbH, the Italian branch. For contractual and economic terms, see the information sheets Your