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In winter, don’t give up a touch of green: these three plants resist the cold and don’t need much care

In winter, don’t give up a touch of green: these three plants resist the cold and don’t need much care

Don’t give up having green spaces in your home in the winter! These succulents are cold hardy and need little care.

We all have sooner or later tried to keep plants at home, which aesthetically decorate rooms or balconies and make homes more welcoming. The need to devote some of our time to caring for plants is ingrained in each of us, because it makes us feel a minimal connection to nature that has unfortunately almost disappeared from our concrete cities. Green spaces around us make us feel better! However, not everyone is able to deal with it adequatelyThere are those who have a green thumb and always manage to have lush, long-lasting plants, and there are those who have a black thumb.

The cold season, even for those with a green thumb, can be a problem, especially today when climate extremes are the order of the day and sudden frosts, extreme cold and then hot temperatures often endanger plants. But if we want to have something at home that can withstand all this, the best option is definitely the juicer option. There are some particularly resistant species that perhaps even black thumb can keep alive.

Here are some of the toughest succulents and how to care for them.

Most succulents have fleshy leaves and grow in desert places. They have the ability to resist high temperatures and water shortages thanks to the fact that they manage to store a lot of water through the specific fabric they are made of.

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Do you want a plant that will last all winter? Grow a fleshy plant such as

The water will then be used during periods of severe drought. The fact that they resist high temperatures makes us think that they cannot tolerate cold, but in reality It also tolerates low temperatures – because in desert areas the temperature range at night can reach 25 degrees. Therefore, it is very resistant even to the cold of our winter seasons. Let’s see some of the most suitable for winter.

-Dylosperma: Lives at very low temperatures, -20°C; It is very resistant to snowfall and particularly sensitive to excess water. Its soil must be gravel and sand so that water does not stagnate. It should be watered several times a month, let’s make sure when we do this that the soil is dry.

SempervivumIts Latin name suggests its special resistance! It grows in areas with very high temperatures but is able to survive even in very cold areas such as the Alps. It grows in the garden but also in pots, and we can also find it among the rocks. Aesthetically, it has perhaps the most beautiful flowers.

Sedum: It also lives very well in pots. Its intense green color remains wherever we decide to place it and it resists water stress well.

Succulents should be placed so that they have light and sun, but if we keep them outside, we must take necessary measures in case of rain. It is best to cover it with a plastic sheet. If we pay attention, especially to the amounts of water, the succulent plants will withstand any winter.

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