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WhatsApp, voice calls are forever changing: great news

WhatsApp, voice calls are forever changing: great news

WhatsApp, voice calls are forever changing: great news. Users are looking forward to making available the expected upgrade

As often happens, the chat platform offers particularly welcome technical updates. This time it will be voice calls.

WhatsApp (Photo: Pixabay)

here we go again. The WhatsApp Willing to come up with a new technical aspect regarding his calls. The messaging platform tries to stay ahead of the competition (often cable) with the development team working to keep users happy. The area affected by the intervention is the voice calls.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platform in the world and its team thanks to its teardown work WABetaInfoThere will be a possibility to customize the background of the voice calls. So now, in fact, you see the profile picture of the user you’re talking to as the background of the call itself. With this upgrade, we’ll be able to choose what we put in the background of the conversation. Several default images for voice calls are already set up, but the choice at the moment is not particularly wide. Precisely for this reason, the options available to users will soon increase, with a gallery that will be especially good.

WhatsApp, voice calls are forever changing: now you can customize the background image

WhatsApp Social
WhatsApp on your smartphone (AnsaFoto)

It remains to be determined The date when this new solution can be officially released. While some may not find it indispensable, there are many app accounts that can’t wait to explore the images as well.

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This novelty will be paired with another just released, which relates to choosing who can invite you to a group. in short words From now on we can avoid getting into a conversation that doesn’t interest us, and choose “friends” who can join us in the discussion “room”. To do this, you have to go toSettingsThen continue to the section.the accountOnce you get here you can decide if you can be added to groups byeveryone“,”Only your contacts‘ or ‘Your contacts exceptSo we will finally avoid finding ourselves compelled to silence a group in which we have not the slightest interest.