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iPhone, do you see a green dot in your photos?  Here’s what it is (and how to fix it)

iPhone, do you see a green dot in your photos? Here’s what it is (and how to fix it)

Is a green dot appearing in photos taken from your iPhone? There is a way to solve the problem – here’s what it is.

When we take a photo with our iPhone, we face a very annoying problem. A green or orange dot appears Out of nowhere, even though it had never been there before. It can be annoying as it ruins our photos. But is there an effective way to eliminate it, or is there nothing we can do about it?

Learn how to remove the green dot from captured images –

Orange and green dots usually appear at the top right. We see them on the screen of our iPhone. These are the little lights that appear above the coverage indicator. Moreover, they are the ones that Apple has included in the new operating system: iOS 14. The orange and green dots warn us when The app uses your microphone and camera At the same time.

Apple responded to this by claiming it was not a problem. The green dot has nothing to do with what appears in the pictures. We are talking about an effect caused by light, so it will not appear in photographs. But this does not mean that the problem has been solved, because Many users say that it is annoying. But if we want to eliminate it completely, how can we do that? Read on to find out.

Green dot in pictures, why it appears and how to remove it: Follow the complete procedure

The first solution is to move the iPhone sideways Until you get to this point in the picture. Vertical images are more likely to show the green dot. In this case it would be better to take the photo horizontally or vertically with focus. It should not appear in either case.

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How to remove green dot from photos
Just do this to solve the problem: Follow the methods –

Another interesting way to turn it off You plan to use live mode. Just like any live mode, the peripheral AI will analyze the environment and correct the paths of unwanted objects. Visual problems caused by color solutions are also included. Green and orange dots fall into these defects.

Finally it is possible Eliminate it even in post-production. Just edit the image to remove the point. You don’t need very complex software, even a cell phone editor is enough. However, the green and orange dot should not appear in post-production. If not, you may consider removing it manually.