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In the next few hours, we will see the 4 regions at risk of thunderstorms in the evening,

Weather: There is a risk of thundershowers in the next 4 hours in 4 areas, let’s see which ones

Expected time for the next few hoursAtmospheric pressure is increasing, but at a minimum 4 regions Even today one is advised to hold Umbrella Simple because they should not be excluded Rain And Temporary.

In fact, it is recurring in Central Europe Hurricane cycle It will continue to fly over the next few hours, despite clear signs of weakness Colder and more unstable air masses In the direction of our northern regions.
It is precisely the northern skies that are still under dense clouds, which occasionally only allow for a few rays of sunlight. In fact, the possibility of some rain in the afternoon and evening becomes more and more concrete.
Are under surveillance above all else LombardyThe Trentino Alto AdizThe Veneto And this Friuli Venice Giulia, Especially in the mountains and many corners of the Middle-Eastern Po Valley, especially the high plains; In the afternoon, the western part of Emilia and part of Liguria will also be at risk of rain.
In the north, therefore, the Weather forecast He will continue to throw up anger, showing only the main signs of atmospheric improvement between the evening and the next night.

Also, this day at the end of April is not only characterized by instability, but also a place of generous sunshine: it is in the south and most of the center, where the first breath of the anticyclone is always close. Conditions will certainly be more stable for Italy. The only exceptions are the interior of the central part, especially on the Appennine ridge, which may be partially disturbed by clouds passing over the sun. Umbrella.

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Temperatures in the central-south will already record a moderate increase from today, while variations in the weather in the north will not allow thermometers to climb the slope.
However, in the days to come, the situation will change for everyone.

It is expected to rain in Italy for the next few hoursIt is expected to rain in Italy for the next few hours