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Conte returns to threaten crisis. Letta: ‘This is how we’re going to vote’ – Politics


Giuseppe Conte returns to threaten government crisis. If the executive decides to respond immediately and decisively to the urgent needs in the country raised by the movement, “we are there, otherwise we are not”, he reiterates during an interview with Digithon, which hosts a digital marathon in Bisceglie. Then he makes a joke about the time of tears, perhaps not small: “You are going on vacation – he tells the press – we will update you”. The M5s’ ultimatums to Mario Draghi warn the Democrats, which makes the Giallorossi print creaky. If the executive falls, you go vote, warns Enrico Letta.

For his part, Giuseppe Conte challenges the Democratic Party to discuss the merits of the nine-point document presented to the Prime Minister, which indicates that a coalition is also being measured. Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio is calling the meeting “Together for the Future”. A meeting where he emerges with a strong appeal to the majority and especially to the responsibility of the movement: “Opening the government crisis means siding with Putin’s campaign, which will achieve the objective of destroying our government”. Later, he raises fears of the 2022 edition of ‘Papeete’: “Be careful to propose again in July as in September, it would be a cynical, selfish and irresponsible move. A brand will not be canceled”. Di Mayo split? “If over time a different political vision has matured, if they have renounced the principles and values ​​they have professed for years, that is a result”, in the name of “clarity”, stabs Conte. Who raises the flag of the defender of the weak: “To really support families and businesses overwhelmed by the crisis, immediate signals are needed. No one will be saved from the crisis and inflation by a 200 euro bonus”. So: resident income, super bonuses, tax wedge cuts, minimum wages and new measures against expensive energy.

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The pentastellati are waiting for some signal from Palazzo Sigi at the beginning of next week: on this basis – we think in the circles of the movement – it will be decided how the help dl trust in the Senate. Draghi analyzes the document provided by Conte these days. And in social documents, according to what he has filtered from parliamentary sources, the prime minister could provide a crucial boost to his predecessor, saddled with the responsibility of a shock farewell to the government and the centrifugal forces that are increasingly strong in his party. As if that wasn’t enough, the Democratic Party continues to send signs of tolerance to the pentastellati: “We will partner with those who share responsibility in dealing with people’s problems. Crises will not open in the dark,” ruled Emilia’s governor. — Romagna, Stefano Bonacini. Early polls are well known to political forces. If the movement, pushed by the more conservative faction, decides to call itself, Cole and Palazzo Sigi do not recognize alternatives: the only path is the end of the government and probably the dissolution of the chambers. Still, there are those in the parties who wonder if a Draghi Bis is possible – which is observed in parliamentary circles – where the Prime Minister has all the numbers to rule even if he doesn’t have 5 stars. However, on this hypothesis, a clear closure made by the Prime Minister should be recorded. “In order to avoid misunderstandings, I state that we stand by the decision we took together at the National Directorate of the Democratic Party on June 30 – Letta also reiterates -: the Draghi government is the last for us in the legislature”. Iv’s position is very different and, in the voice of Ettore Rosato, highlights: even with the farewell to the M5s, the Prime Minister “has the strength to move forward not only numerically, but also politically. He does”.

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