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In a message, Blizzard explains to players the first steps to take to regain their trust -

In a message, Blizzard explains to players the first steps to take to regain their trust –

Mike Ybarra, President Blizzardbooks Message to players To explain the first steps the company will take to try it regain their confidence. Various topics are touched upon in the text, including legal problems due to the internal behavior of employees in recent years.

Our priority, now and in the future, is the work we do to rebuild your trust in Blizzard“The message, which then proceeds to explain what has been achieved so far to improve the company’s culture and community communication. According to Ybarra, the first change relates to the evaluation, including economic, of executives and managers, which will be based on the ability to create a work environment”Safe, comprehensive and creative.

In addition, Blizzard assigns staff to support internal resources to help monitor and enhance this culture, because all too often these tasks are assigned to people who already have their jobs to do. For this reason, the positions of “Culture Leader”, Organizational Head of Human Resources and DE&I (Diversity, Equality and Inclusion) have been opened, which will have dedicated teams.

The same philosophy has been applied to internal investigations, whose team has tripled, and to feedback from development teams, which now have a program aimed at evaluating CEOs.

“These initiatives are just the beginning of the work that Blizzard is doing,” concluded Ybarra, who promised more news over the next few weeks.

Will the company be able to recover? It’s hard to say, but it must be emphasized that Microsoft, with the acquisition, may have explicitly requested that Activision Blizzard Studios work actively and decisively to clean up the image, after the very serious facts that have emerged in recent months and years, which are largely attributable to CEO Bobby. Kotik and its closest associates.

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After all, one of the strengths of modern Xbox management is the excellent relationship that has been built with the gamer community.