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Immigrants, is Amato interested in taking Meloni’s job?  Arrows on Govt

Immigrants, is Amato interested in taking Meloni’s job? Arrows on Govt

Giuliano Amato, the former prime minister and president of the Constitutional Court, was interviewed by Repubblica, and in the days when rumors swirled about his profile as a possible technical guide to the emergency government, he launched broadsides at Giorgia Meloni. The European Union on the issue of migrants: “Today we welcome those persecuted by a regime and reject those persecuted by hunger, which is unacceptable at the human rights level. Europe needs to overcome a huge misunderstanding and finally recognize the status of economic refugees. A recent set of measures on immigration only serve to demonstrate the existence of a problem, not to solve it. Sociologist Niklas Luhmann explained it well, when those in power know they can’t find a solution, they turn up the decibels of political language and give everyone the impression that they can figure it out. It seems to me to be one of those cases.”

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“Giorgia Meloni’s problem – the continuation of Amato’s excess – is common to many of the sovereign right in Europe, according to a recent article in the Economist. Struggling with the need to govern, they realize that their radical solutions are impractical. Before they cry out against Europe, Meloni’s case is right before our eyes. If there is, they are forced to call it a problem solution. The set of measures approved by Palazzo Sigi only shows the difficulty the government has in dealing with this difficult subject. These rules are very difficult to apply and, to put it politely, have little respect for rights.”

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Finally, we come to the fateful question of rumours: “Did you know that some sites list you as the Prime Minister of a future Conservative government?”. Amato replies: “I read it and I don’t know if it’s really painful or funny. I understand that Italy is an increasingly elderly country, but the idea of ​​handing over the government to an 85-year-old shows a distrust of the younger generation that Italy does not deserve.

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