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By train from Milan to Chiasso: This is how Switzerland has fortified its borders

By train from Milan to Chiasso: This is how Switzerland has fortified its borders

The border between Italy and Swiss It measures 744 kilometers and from September 24 the Swiss Confederation has decided to close the entire border with our country. Immigrants. The White Crusader nation allied with France and Austria, creating a new militarized frontier along the Italian border. Avoid Schengen (to which Switzerland is a party) and free movement agreements fail. We tested the new ones in the first week of launch Security arrangements We found a significant increase in tests moving between Milan and Chiasso in Switzerland, passing through Como and entering the province of Ticino.

By train to Switzerland

The train It is the main means of immigration between Italy and Switzerland. There are several lines that run directly across the border from Milan, where thousands of irregular foreigners congregate. We decided to board the TiLo, an international train that runs between Milan and Locarno in the province of Ticino. border Between Como and Chiasso. We already sensed that something had changed Central station, ground ticket checks are set up at the head of our train’s departure platform. Don’t skip ahead for those who haven’t: this is the first filter we encounter between Italy and Switzerland.

After about 40 minutes of travel, our train stops Como San Giovanni, the border and transit point for thousands of people entering Switzerland every day. The small railway building on Laurian Hill is notable for having soldiers inside and outside. there State Police Conducts random document checks Financial police Monitors the area while several military vans secure the area Players Moving in and out. We note that uniforms are too much for a small station. Indeed, few foreigners are seen at the station, certainly fewer than faced during the 2016 crisis, when hundreds camped out at the foot of the steps leading to the railway building waiting to cross the Swiss border. Militarized. We tried to talk to some Italian police, but they cannot penetrate the matter.

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After a stop in Como, we will continue our journey with a few more kilometers, just 6 minutes, to cross State border Between Italy and Switzerland. In the train, a possible warning is broadcast in three languages Document control The changes are evident both on board and on land and upon entering the station at Chiasu. The Border guards When our train arrives they are already positioned on the platform, one in front of each section along the entire length of the train. They watch anyone who gets off, they stop random passengers, but there was no sign of migrants on our train. We were told that afternoon is when they are most often intercepted at the station or on the train to Switzerland.

Border controls

Italian-Swiss borders often go along with it Alpine line, which makes the passage of migrants particularly problematic. In these areas, however, the Confederation is organizing itself following what France has already done. Drones. In the meantime, however, we were told that the Confederation had already “stationed” new border guards on Italian borders and withdrawn from German-speaking Switzerland. Many of these will be stationed at stations, particularly Chiazo. It is precisely the bordering city of Como that experiences the greatest pressure. “We don’t feel safe anymore“, say the Swiss people who live there, who tell us how everything has changed in a few years. They report theft, robbery and complaints. acts of vandalism On Campus by Immigrants: Everything that seems to have become normal in our country is still experienced here with great discomfort. Ticino, precisely because of its proximity to Italy, is the zone that experiences the most pressure, and Ciazzo, because of its proximity to Como, is the most tense city.

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The fact is that it is inhabited by less than 10 thousand people and on its territory, in August, they almost stopped themselves 600 asylum seekers, at a maximum of 350, can be hosted in a designated facility. Now that France and Austria have closed their frontiers with Italy, Germany has also decided to close its frontier against the Swiss Confederation, and Switzerland has decided to follow suit and close its doors to prevent the interruption of steam to other countries. its boundaries. A was unleashed The domino effect This effectively annulled Schengen and consequently sealed Italian borders.

Central government He did the right thing“, an elegant lady of a certain age tells us in line at a supermarket in Chiazo, “We are exhausted“. But the situation on the street is calm, completely opposite to what we experience in our cities. A short distance from the supermarket, the Ciazzo customs office is manned by a large number of guards and there is a tense atmosphere. Everything makes sense. But once you cross the free border zone, everything changes. Even if you don’t see the signs, you are back in Italy. It’s not hard to understand. All you have to do is look at the migrants on benches and vehicles, often without tickets. This is the new global message that says “Welcome to Italy”.