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Extend your life by 10 years: Here is the “perfect” diet, and it is very easy to follow |  You don’t even realize you’re doing it

Extend your life by 10 years: Here is the “perfect” diet, and it is very easy to follow | You don’t even realize you’re doing it

Diet is an important component of our routine: here are the scientific secrets to living longer. Recent research has come to the conclusions of some studies and what can be concluded is unequivocal: some foods should be preferred, others should be eliminated almost completely.

the Greetings It is a precious commodity and our daily diet plays a crucial role in its preservation. Balanced nutrition can make a difference Disease prevention In promotion a Public interest.

It is important to be aware of what we eat every day because of food It is not just a source of energyBut also food for the body and mind. Following healthy eating habits is… An investment in our long-term health It can dramatically improve your quality of life.

They’ve been around for a long time Many false beliefs Which can confuse and hinder those trying to improve their health and fitness. For example, many people think so Skip breakfast It may help you lose weight, although research suggests otherwise.

It is also believed that they exist foodsBurn fat“This can speed up weight loss, but that’s an oversimplification of the problem The complex relationship between food, Metabolism and the human body.

Purposeful study

We definitely need to emphasize how we are fueled by every food we eat The basic elements Which our body uses in various daily activities. You should avoid trusts completely The miracle slimming dietOr even worse products Which is able to make us lose weight automatically.

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None of this has any scientific basis. In fact, research has long confirmed what is somewhat known: Eating well helps you live better. Not only that, in fact, since new research From the University of Bergen He also confirmed the existence of a certain relationship Between foods consumed and life expectancy.

Legumes, grains and nuts – Source Depositphotos –

Foods that prolong life

This research studied the consumption of certain types of foods and their relationship to them Years of life that can be gained (or lose) through food. What emerged is not surprising, but it reinforces what has already been known for some time.

Who avoids them? Red meat And even less processed and replaced by them Whole grains, Nuts and legumes He wins On average 10 years of life: For those in their 20s, this number goes up, while starting at age 60, you gain about 8 years of life.