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Ilaria Challis Here are two possible sources that corroborate the allegation

Ilaria Challis Here are two possible sources that corroborate the allegation

Ilaria Challis was charged with attempted injury, endangering life and association with a criminal organization. TO open We reconstructed and verified what was possible with the available images and videos of the five attacks that took place in Budapest in February 2023. Two of these allegedly involved an Italian, which occurred in broad daylight in Castagretti Square and one at night in Bank Street against right-wing extremist László Dudok. We also know some information about the alleged involvement in the criminal organization, such as buying tickets with co-defendants and having the phone number of an attorney believed to be defending the same organization. If confirmed, elements that can be presented in further investigations.

According to one of our Hungarian sources, who decided to speak on condition of anonymity, investigators are said to have an undisclosed video of Ilaria Salis following one of the attacks. At this time, only the daylight killings in Castagretti Square have been made public, possibly from one of the complex's security cameras. It seems plausible, but not taken into account, that the assailants, following their escape, also removed their faces to avoid mingling with the public and arousing suspicion.Full section Monitored by Hungarian police security cameras, is listed On the company website.

List of Hungarian Police security cameras at Gazdagreti Square in Budapest.

There is another element that supports the allegation. According to our source, the footage of the attacks received by the investigators was analyzed by an expert Forensic Anthropology. It is a digital technique that can be used to measure the anatomical structures of the human body, compare letters, and identify people captured in a photo or video. Let's talk about biometrics where data is taken into account Discriminatory parameters Such as the individual's height, shoulder width, body profile, limb length, and any conformational and mobility impairments. According to what was learned, expert opinion is said to have found a percentage of more than 90%, which would confirm that Ilaria Challis was filmed with their faces covered among the attackers.

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Beyond the information received from our Hungarian source, we are not aware of any additional elements that could confirm the involvement of Ilaria Salis in the attacks. In addition to the prosecutor's phone number, the investigators could have examined the mobile phones of the arrested, chats, photos or videos that could prove useful in advance of the actions carried out in Budapest last February 2023.

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