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Verdini's daughter, Florence, agrees to a one-year prison sentence for fraud against the caretaker

Verdini's daughter, Florence, agrees to a one-year prison sentence for fraud against the caretaker

Attempted fraud and material falsification by a private person: these are the charges against Diletta Verdini, the daughter of former senator Denis, who today – April 3 – agreed to a one-year prison sentence before the trial judge of the Labor Court of Florence. , Agnes de Girolamo. An experiment born from a story of discovery Hyenasand rebuilt by The Florentine Courier, which starts from 2016. That year, Mariana, a caregiver who had been in Italy for 17 years, decided to take action against the daughters of a woman who was not paid for her work caring for an elderly woman. So he decided to ask Diletta Verdini, who boasted that she was a lawyer, for help. That wouldn't be the only lie he told Mariana. In fact, Verdini allegedly kept the woman informed of the evolution of an employment case that had never actually begun.


Two years later, in October 2022, he informed her of the alleged outcome of the legal case, falsifying the conviction of the Florence Labor Court to convince the client that he had won. Letterhead from the Florence court, labor division, case number and judge's signature: Attached sentence, telling her she was awarded 4,300 euros. A happy ending? Not even remotely. Because Mariana will never see the money. Every time he tried to claim them, Verdini would stop.


After some persuasion, the explanation for the delay came, citing unspecified problems with bank transfers on the part of the Ministry of Justice. A situation is also demonstrated by an email, which reads: “Dear Doctor, In reference to your request, we inform you that our feedback appears to have sent a bank transfer on Friday, February 10. We should see this within a working week of February 17 and Tuesday, 21. Mrs. Mariana's bank Changed to Details”.

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At this point, the lady in question had had enough and decided to contact lawyer Mattia Alfano. Who immediately suspects the situation, after some investigation he has the opportunity to see that his suspicions are confirmed: the signature on the document belongs to a judge who is actually present, but completely unrelated to the sentence. Also, the registration number in the public register corresponds to a completely different case with other subjects. The contradictions that sparked the criminal investigation culminated in today's conviction.

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