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If you’re receiving a lot of emails, you need to know what’s going on in your inbox: you’d never guess

If you’re receiving a lot of emails, you need to know what’s going on in your inbox: you’d never guess

Do you receive a lot of emails every day? The estimates are clear: what happens is not realized but has a significant impact. Let’s clarify

Emails received every day (

Today, emails are a source of corporate communication, a medium that is often used for business reasons, but not only. Businesses also often handle emails, send periodic newsletters to their customers or communicate discounts and promotions. Then there are apps that send information to the user through the referral contact you’ve registered with.

The moral of the story? Every email inbox today is filled with notifications, so the “messages” arrive in batches, many of which users never open and often even delete, leaving the inbox cluttered. A fairly common behavior that describes how we have abused the ease of communication through this medium, which hides a vicious cycle within it. We explain what’s happening.

What do you know about emails and their use?

Email reception
Notification of receipt of email in mailbox (

Surely you have heard about the fact that Emails are tainted. According to Ademe, the French environment and energy management agency, every email is approximately 1MB in size 19 grams of carbon dioxide. The amount seems small at first glance, but you only need to think for a couple of minutes and do some calculations to understand that this is not the case at all. How many emails are sent and received every day? In a disproportionate number.

Just think that each of the 50 employees at an event sends 5 emails per day, and for 5 days, approximately 23 tons of CO2 are produced in one email exchange. This calculation gives a good idea of ​​the impact of email on the environment As specified in focusThe injury could be like a car or plane trip.

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Email is certainly less polluting than a traditional manually sent letter that requires more demanding processing, but how many emails do we send compared to one? Much more. And pollution compared to cars? This metric helps us understand better: A car emits 140 grams of carbon dioxide over one kilometre. Eight emailsSo, They pollute like a car. Sure, we easily and intuitively realize how polluting the car is by choosing greener forms, but we realize more difficultly how polluting email is.

Do you receive a lot of emails? What is the environmental impact and how to improve things

It is enough to look at these numbers to realize that the Internet and all our movements on the web, starting with a simple email, still have an impact on the environment, although it is difficult to realize their impact. However, the Internet, with all its advantages, is innovative 859 million tons of carbon dioxide every year.

Therefore, we are all responsible, which is why we must adopt small measures to reduce pollution. The first thing to do is to send fewer emails, and write only the ones that are really necessary. In this case, avoid including too many attachments, choose a link, and lighten the weight of your signature. If you have attachments, delete them and make them smaller. Likewise, you can sign up for fewer newsletters, choosing only those that really interest you.