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I started again with humility, then I dug Barbara D’Urso

I started again with humility, then I dug Barbara D’Urso

Dancing with the stars 2023

Simona Ventura performs a samba tune in her first appearance on Dancing with the Stars and impresses the jurors. Space for Selvagia Lucarelli who comments on the ups and downs of her long career, creating a parallel with what happened to Barbara D’Urso: “I was able to start again humbly and without going abroad and then publishing in English.”

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Dancing with the stars 2023

Simona Ventura He performs to samba tunes in the opening episode of the new edition of Dancing with the stars. The presenter competes with and hosts her partner Giovanni Terzi and colleague Paola Perego Rai2 intercomShe was convincing, as has often been the case throughout her career, demonstrating that she knows how to fill the stage and stage with a combination of presence and professionalism. His performance served as a hook for Selvagia Lucarelli To go on, she recalls her first appearance on one of Ventura’s radio shows, and to catch up on Barbara d’Urso.

Selvagia Lucarelli comments after Simona Ventura’s performance

After seeing Simona dance – and do it well – Lucarelli commented on her performance as follows: “I have to say something a bit complicated and I hope I’m not misunderstood. I started doing this work thanks to Simona Ventura, in the sense that I was an outsider and she invited me to her show. I started there. It’s been 20 years and today I’m here and you’re there. I may think this is my victory but instead I think it’s your victory. You’ve shown that even when your career doesn’t go well like it does for everyone, you manage to reinvent yourself, you manage to start over with smaller things with great humility, and you can’t suddenly go to England to post on Instagram in English. Stay here, doing smaller things with patience and humility. Today you’re here and I appreciate that — aside from the fact that you’re on Dancing with the Stars, not the Borchetta Festival — but one day you may be here and I may be there. Anyway I was crazy“.Referring to Barbara D’Urso who traveled to London after her departure Afternoon5it’s clear.

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Simona Ventura replied: “Also happy with the work of Citofonare Rai2”

Meanwhile, the fact that you’re here and everyone you’ve launched has been successful, I think their success is my success. I really did a lot of things, but I never looked at the things I did. I’ve always tried to move forward. For example, Citofonare Rai2 is a small program that is growing and I am very happy that Paula contacted me and that together we can do this tooVentura replied, citing a broadcast he hosts on Rai2. “Oh, you said so!“, Marioto highlighted and Ventura concluded: “Oh yeah, in short, not really stupid“.