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Liguria investigation: Manager who said no to Spinelli Sr.  “Money for Dotty?  That would be scandalous.”

Liguria investigation: Manager who said no to Spinelli Sr. “Money for Dotty? That would be scandalous.”

There are those who say no. Aldo Spinelli’s son, Roberto, denies it when Judge Paola Faggioni asks him if he thought of financing President Giovanni Totti “through the icon fund”. Then add in the minutes: «Sorry, I studied law, I studied in America, I can’t ask for funds to save me. I’ll be like my father, I’ll be a complete fool. But something else emerges from the interruptions. This is outlined by both today Corriere della Sera That Republic Spinelli’s father reports that Ivana Semeraro’s Dotti Committee has no funding. Semeraro manages relationships with a team of entrepreneurs from London for Icon. On 17 September 2021, the Courier reported that Governor Spinelli was informed that Rinfus offer would be extended at the end of the month. That same day Spinelli pushes Semeraro over the phone about the donations. Semeraro checks, he has his doubts: “I have to give explanations (…) It promotes social and cultural initiatives, but Dotti, apparently inspired by the party’s values, said, “I will not hide from you that they are very high. Requested…”. Three days later the manager called Spinelli Sr. to say the icon’s answer was no. “It’s a reputational problem because (…) these payments are always seen as a little (…) scandalous. (…) I know it’s important that you support at the local level…”.

Spinelli eludes the manager and his son’s suspicions like the elder

We know what happened next. It emerges from the cards. “When Semeraro told me he couldn’t authorize the payment, I was the happiest man in the world. My father walked past us and gave a direct order,” he told lawyers. Republic, son of Aldo Spinelli. But the surgery was done anyway. Roberto Spinelli’s father gives 40 thousand to Totti. Ordering them through Finance Director. Thus he ignores everyone. Tomorrow’s hearing continues with the hearing of witnesses and the prosecutor’s replay of the recording of the trial judge Roberto Spinelli, in which he said Dotti “wanted illegal financing”. The term was corrected by his attorneys in a certified email to the judge on “Legal Funding.” Probably a wrong transcription. But, in addition to minutes, payments are calculated. According to the prosecutor’s office, the money was used in exchange for interventions to obtain port and aid to the urban planning practice of the former Punta del’Olpo colonies in Celle Ligure.

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