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The future of fitness offerings at Rimini Wellness, startups with innovative ideas about well-being at the exhibition

The future of fitness offerings at Rimini Wellness, startups with innovative ideas about well-being at the exhibition

The most advanced innovation in on-the-go luxury. RiminiWellness, a leading international event promoting healthy lifestyles, is also an opportunity to discover the technologies of the future of fitness and sports. The Italian exhibition group’s event, scheduled to take place from May 30 to June 2 at the fair in Rimini and on the Riviera, puts the world of e-health at the center thanks to the presence of startups in the sector such as eSteps, Uell and Vst, chosen by Clust- ER Health and OnesPorter for innovative solutions that start From the world of healthcare and up to the world of sports.

Smart sole

The eSteps insole is a device for remotely monitoring disability in patients with mobility problems due to neurodegenerative diseases. Their solution not only provides precise activity monitoring, but also provides customized telerehabilitation protocols using the latest technology. These solutions can be used for sporting purposes by professional athletes who want to improve their performance and prevent injuries. This memory foam insole can be used in any shoe and contains sensors that monitor gait and physical activity, providing valuable information about the ability and quality of movement.

artificial intelligence

Uell uses artificial intelligence to provide a highly personalized psychological and physical assessment based on genetic, fitness, nutrition and motivation data. By creating personalized health programs, Uell provides end-to-end support and constantly monitors users’ progress. In addition to the main goal being to improve overall health and well-being, the solution is ideal for athletes who want to improve their physical and mental preparation to achieve maximum performance.

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Check five vital signs with just one touch

VST has developed an innovative system to monitor people’s health status by measuring vital signs and ECG. The CE-certified IppocraTech device delivers scientifically reliable analysis of a person’s health data, providing an important tool for monitoring health and fitness with just one touch. These solutions are not only essential for continuous monitoring and management of medical conditions, but are also useful for athletes who want to closely monitor their health condition in order to improve their performance.

From sports to corporate luxury

ONESPorter, an independent startup, arrived at the show with an innovative performance planning and monitoring platform for athletes. The goal of this company is to integrate technology available in the world of competitive sports in order to improve the work of the coach and the performance of athletes through digitalization and the Internet of Things. But the platform went much further, also dedicating its functionality to training programs designed for corporate well-being.