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Midsummer, a new limited edition project from Pininfarina and Morgan

Midsummer, a new limited edition project from Pininfarina and Morgan

Morgan Motor Company H Pininfarina They begin a collaboration that, at first glance, takes you back in time with midsummer, Morgan with a timeless silhouette that celebrates the golden age of European small boat design. An iconic, unique and evocative car produced only in a limited edition 50 copieswhich draws attention with a series of details that make you imagine that you are inside the car when you look at it Another era. An SUV that smells of history, but is also modern and high-performance.

Midsummer, a silhouette of the past challenging the future

Born from the collaboration between Morgan and Pininfarina, Midsummer is a celebration of Building vehicles By two of the world’s oldest car makers who wanted to reinterpret and celebrate the timeless silhouette of the British company’s cars. a A special project It is the perfect combination of Morgan’s design flexibility and at the same time showcases the rare skill of the craftsmen who hand-design each element of the distinctive bodywork.

Based on the latest platform Morgan CX-Gel Bonded Aluminumsombra midsummer Suspended between the past, present and amazing future. A car that is a combination of ancient craftsmanship and modern technology, which in each of its 50 models has the touch and signature of the Morgan-Pininfarina duo.

That’s why details such as hand-hammered aluminum body panels are in demand More than 250 working hoursOr using wood on the outside of the car body makes the car unique and ready to amaze. The two companies worked together on the design, with Morgan responsible for the craftsmanship and Pininfarina, which recently bid farewell to its chief technology officer.

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Due to the extensive handwork and high-quality craftsmanship, each vehicle will take longer to progress at Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road plant when production begins in the third quarter of 2024.

Morgan’s unique signature style

An extraordinary elegance reminiscent of the famous Pininfarina models and evocative of the automotive design era of the late 1930s and early 1940s in the middle of summer that The silhouette has changed Over time to allow us to develop a car that is not only beautiful to look at, but also beautiful to drive. In fact, the aerodynamic improvement took advantage of Pininfarina’s unique expertise in this area.

Designed exclusively for mid-summer, the lightweight 19-inch forged wheel has managed to reduce the weight to just 10 kg thanks to in-depth finite element analysis and the choice of forging the wheel rather than casting it. But despite its lightness, the wheel exudes a sense of solidity. A car featuring a six-cylinder turbo engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission to deliver performance without sacrificing elegance.

What draws attention is the use Wood on the outside of the car body. A common element on Morgan sports cars has always been the ‘support’ for the hand-shaped aluminum body panels, and in Midsummer, wood has been used to create a shoulder line, highlighting the contours of the passenger compartment and clearly demonstrating Morgan’s craftsmanship.

Inspired by marine applications, carved wooden structures surround the cabin and create the necessary shoulder line. These are hundreds of individual layers of wood meticulously laminated together to complete each section of the car, with each layer measuring a maximum thickness of 0.6mm. to’Use multiple layersInstead of a single piece of wood, they add the necessary strength and durability to exposed elements.

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