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“I am very happy to be nominated because…”

“I am very happy to be nominated because…”

The actor, on TV against Amedeo Gurria and Raffaella Fico, also reveals his next ‘victims’

Last night in the stream The ninth episode of GF VIP 6And David Silvestri Nominated Raffaella Vico NS Amedeo Gurria. The boy, now accustomed to television, began to take philosophically the fact that he ends up on schedule among the least favorites of the group. The first time he was nominated, the actor reacted very poorly, today, however, his attitude seems to have changed a lot.

chatting with some of his tenants, sylvestri confessed:

It might sound silly to you, but I’m very happy. Not because I want to go out. I am pleased to be nominated with both. The two who named me. Rafaela NS amedeo. Anyway, if I stayed, I threw one. With Rafaela I don’t talk to him because I’m not. If he doesn’t come out next time I’ll call him again, I’ll call him until he comes out. as I told her Andrea, from SamiNow I say to Rafaela. will be next level, then there will be amedeo Then Francesca. I’ve already decided where I’m going.

David So he doesn’t seem to be afraid of filtration. In addition, gieffino has very clear ideas about the strategy that will be implemented during the upcoming episodes of Big Brother Vip 6.

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