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The new factory is huge

The new factory is huge

With the unfinished factory building in Austin, Texas, Tesla has already created about 5,000 jobs. It’s not the Californian auto company reporting this, but the Southern state capital’s Chamber of Commerce.

In all, from last January to the end of September this year, the expansion and relocation of companies generated a total of 20840 new jobs. The foundation indicated 150 shareholders, but Tesla is the brand that created the most jobs in 2021 in Austin.

Ever since Elon Musk announced its intention to dramatically increase production volumes on US soil with a new plant two years ago, there has been a real race between the nations to grab the lucky spot. In the end Austin beat Tulsa, Oklahoma, for various reasons. Among this was the fact that the Palo Alto brand wanted to re-launch Austin economically due to investments of a certain weight.

In any case, there will only be 5,000 new jobs (the giant Texan plant is huge), as the number refers to the past few months, when the plant was not at all close to being fully operational. Vehicle construction method hasn’t actually started yet, but it can’t be ruled out 10,000 more people will participatedirectly and indirectly in operations.

In addition to all this, we would also like to stress that Tesla has increased the influence of the region, at least from an internal point of view, declaring that it wants Moved its headquarters to Austin. In this case, the numbers will be greater than those just mentioned, and the locals can only be happy about this.

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Speaking of new factories, Tesla opened the factory in Berlin with festivities, a Ferris wheel, beer, and plenty of entertainment. The European Model Y is almost ready to reach buyers.