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Celebrity presenter and host Antonella Clerici explained why she was so excited during the show, “It’s always noon.”

Antonella Clerici, TV presenter (Instagram)

Time to finish the initials and go to the center of the studio, Antonella Clerici Tell the audience why October 12 is a special date. An in-depth study that did not fail to interest viewers about the coincidences of this very date.

Antonella Clerici and October 12th: Not a date like any other

Antonella Clerici
Antonella Clerici (screenshot)

During “It’s always noonClerici finally clarified the privacy of October 12. On this date, in fact,OktoberfestThe well-known and beloved Bavarian event. But it is not just a coincidence that Antonella highlights the importance of history.

Just October 12, 1946In fact, Italy adopted the Mamlese national anthem as a temporary national anthem (it was only in 2017 that “Il Canto degli Italiani” was finally declared the official anthem of the republic). During the broadcast, the anthem of all Italians began in the background, with Clerici commenting: “When I hear it, I always put my hand on my heart and stand.”

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We are still talking about October 12, then, how can we not mention the discovery of America, a date which in addition to revolutionizing the history of the world has created an inextricable bond between us and the American continent. Even today in the United StatesColumbus DayIt is viewed with pride and affection by all Italian Americans.

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Therefore, remembering all these anniversaries, Clerici was able to celebrate a day different from the others, combining entertainment and culture. Antonella asserts herself as a popular national figure It aligns deeply with the sentiments of their audience. This is gaining more value after the beloved presenter has been away from the small screen for some time, and is having a professional moment that isn’t very easy.

It’s always noon“It represents the very occasion that Antonella felt the need for. The first episode aired on September 13, and the program will run until June of next year.


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