Monday, July 22, 2024

Microsoft has patented a smartphone with three foldable screens – Hi-tech


If the foldable smartphone sector is ready to welcome more devices in the coming months, two high-tech giants are already done. A few days ago, images of a patent obtained by Samsung appeared on the Internet, related to a mobile phone with a triple screen. A prototype very similar to the design that Microsoft submitted to the US Patent Office in June 2020 and released on December 23, 2021. Nicknamed the “Surface Trio” on the web, the smartphone adds an additional panel to the Surface Duo 2, which was launched in the summer. A device that can only be considered partially “foldable”, since its two screens do not form a whole but are divided by a hinge, as if they were two separate small panels. Instead, the new patent brings the potential trio closer to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Z3, with three seamless screens.

The document, spotted by Apple’s website Patently, shows a phone with three panels connected by two hinges. So the opening mechanism will be ‘Z’ shaped, to easily switch from single screen to dual screen, or when opened outwards, to triple view. The patent does not refer to the name of the Surface Trio, it merely describes a multi-panel display device. “Multi-panel projectors can be useful in a variety of different scenarios – they read – for example, to visually show multiple windows on separate panels at the same time.” According to Windows Central, Microsoft’s concept is reminiscent of the foldable tablet seen at HBO’s Westworld show.

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