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How Much Money Do You Need to Be Happy?  / US study: "At least 80 thousand euros a year"

How Much Money Do You Need to Be Happy? / US study: “At least 80 thousand euros a year”

There is an ancient proverb: “I do not know Money Create Happiness “. We have been wondering for some time what is the correct answer to this question, and recently the science has been tested, especially by the Department of Psychology at the University of Purdue, United StatesHowever, money really does improve the quality of life and mood, however, you should not go beyond a certain income limit and beyond that any positive feeling and emotion will fade and disappear and there will be snow in the sun.

This research work has found a place in the columns of the journal Nature Human Behavior, and it has been explicitly stated that there is a ceiling for income that should never be exceeded for continued satisfaction. In particular, in fact, on average, 95 thousand dollars per person per year is “enough” (so to speak): like 80 thousand euros Every twelve months, naturally a net of taxes.

How Much Money Does Happiness Need? Has a minimal roof

Truth be told, the studio also sets a minimum ceiling for the money currently earned in order to face life peacefully: we are talking about a Income It is estimated that this bar should be raised a little, even for families with children, from 48 to 60 thousand euros per year. Roofs were defined by researchers with the help of World Caleb World, and: “Money makes you happy when you meet basic needs such as a house, housing, paying expenses, and living a decent life. Once these are satisfied, the danger is to enter into a cycle of unreasonably provoked and exaggerated demands for peace. “. In this regard, gender does not matter: whether it is a man or a woman, the quotas do not differ. Moreover, those who complete the long study path experience greater satisfaction when they reach it Significant economic standards, Perhaps because it is constantly in conflict with its “colleagues”.

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