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How much is Ferragni worth Others: Valentina was not affected by her sister's crisis

How much is Ferragni worth Others: Valentina was not affected by her sister's crisis

In just a few months it will be possible to understand in some detail the extent of the crisis that arose with the Pandoro Palocco affair and continues at the personal level and which has already opened breaches in the solid group led by Chiara Ferragni. Many contracts have been cancelled, which has certainly slowed the growth of its companies' balance sheets, which until the last remainder of 2023 seemed truly unstoppable. The cancellation of post-Baluku contracts will be contested, and has already been done in part; Therefore, some damages could be recoverable, and after the storm passes, the most sensitive issue will also be dealt with, namely Chiara's credibility as an influencer which has been severely damaged in recent months.

Vieffe's sales volume has tripled since 2020

The end of the critical moment also affected her sister Francesca, since she entrusted the management of her image to Chiara's company, the Tbs crew – one of the two involved in antitrust in the Balocco charity case. However, it seems that the affairs of the third sister, Valentina, were not affected by the precise moment, who took the path of Chiara more decisively by building a company to monetize her assets of 4.6 million followers. The turnover of his wholly owned company Vieffe srl has tripled since 2020, exceeding 5 million euros with a net profit in recent years of around 1 million euros, and with liquid assets of around 2 million euros according to the latest financial statements filed with the Chamber of Commerce.

Silver or gold plated jewelry. The secret of the wedding dress

Valentina markets the jewelry with Vieffe, explaining that each piece sold “is made with high-quality materials such as 925 silver plating, 24-karat gold or platinum, and the plating, setting and finishing processes are entirely done by hand.” As he explains on the website that launches the marketing, placing his hands slightly ahead of the possible protests that are not lacking in these times, “the completely artisanal and manual process gives life to unique products, each with its own spirit and character, and for which every small difference is not considered a flaw, Rather, it is a distinctive and innovative feature of each individual creation.” In one of her Instagram stories on Friday, March 15, Valentina also posted a luxurious wedding dress, and commented: “A special meeting today.” However, she did not clarify whether she wanted to enter this sector as a trader. Or is it the announcement of her next personal move with her very young boyfriend Matteo Napolitano.

Valentina Ferragni/Instagram

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