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Turkish previews for Bitter Earth: Hakan's Revenge

Turkish previews for Bitter Earth: Hakan's Revenge

The confrontation arrives with Hakan's revenge. Here's what Terra Amara's new Turkish offerings have to say

There are still many interesting twists and turns that will characterize the fourth and final season of Terra Amara.

New previews of Terra Amara arrive (Source: screen) –

Fans of the series are now immersed in the stories of the heroes of the most popular Turkish TV series in Italy and cannot wait to find out what will happen to their favorite characters in the upcoming episodes. According to the Turkish trailers for Terra Amara, in fact, Hakan's revenge will come. So let's see what happens.

Bitter land, Hakan will take revenge

In the coming episodes there will be one A rather heated verbal clash between Kulak and Hakan. Everything will take place in the center of Cukurova and there will be many to help you. As usual, Kulak will act like a braggart and reveal to Hakan that he is willing to do anything to finally chase him out of the city. Kulak tells him that he is “the outsider” and that he will have to leave. Hakan will not respond to provocations and will allow Kulak to vent.

Terra Amara, Kulak and Hakan will have a verbal clash – (Source: Screen) –

The latter will actually reveal it His priority will be eliminating HakanThen Fikret and Zuleikha continued. Only in this way, according to Kulak, will a woman stop feeling like Mrs. Cukurova. After the clash that occurred between the two. Hakan decides to leave As if nothing had happened. But he knows very well what to do and how to respond to these provocations.

The man will actually go to Abdelkader and He will plan revenge on Kulak. In fact, Hakan is more determined than ever to make up for the insult he suffered and will try everything. He knows that Colak is a very wealthy person, and in addition to a restaurant and land, he also owns the “Colak Aga Seyahat” bus line.

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Hakan will then decide to target his own bus line, and with Abdulkadir's help, he will head to Ankara. The two will decide to stop the passengers, He offered them to travel on a more modern bus and refund the ticket. After Colac's bus leaves, Hakan, Abdulkadir and their men They will set the bus on fire, and put Hakan's revenge into action. The car will be destroyed by fire and Hakan will have finally sent a clear message to his rival. How will Colak react to this insult? We will only know that in the upcoming episodes.