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Fides: Kodakuns don't give up

Fides: Kodakuns don’t give up

The latest single produced by Videz is LA DOLCE VITA, born in collaboration with Tananai and Mara Sattei; But last summer, the rapper topped the charts with the song “Mille”. However, the song did (for the umpteenth time) infuriate the Kodakun. The singer’s “mistake” was that, in the Mel’s video, he did some hidden advertising for Coca-Cola.

The Codacons didn’t seem to sympathize with Fedez, who often ended up at the center of the association’s camera lens. But last year, the piece “Mel” has been the subject of debate. At that time it was the rapper who created the song with Orita Berti and Achille Lauro, was accused of making Secret propaganda In favor of Cocoa Cola.

Coordination of associations to defend the environment and the rights of users and consumers, which he often found excuses to attack the man (and on some occasions also his wife), actually try again!

Codacons ask for a mile withdrawal

The Kodakun He never gave up videos Indeed, the Consumers’ Association has come back in the past to attack Ferragni’s husband, accusing him of breaking into his followers with advertising messages through his site. Instagram page They took the stage on May 1 to promote the brand nike And embrace the reason Ddl Zan In conjunction with the launch of her line from Men’s nail polish.

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But a short time later, the man was charged with secret sponsorship of Coca-Cola.

The rapper – with Achille Lauro and Orita Berti – recently released the song “Mel” accompanied by a video of him A real incentive to consume Coca-Cola, as well as a persuasive advertising of a piece of music violates the rules set forth in the Antimonopoly Act.

read in one NB in which he explained that Kodakun He was thinking of complaining Antitrust and institute Self-regulation of advertising.

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But she wasn’t here, because the Association also wanted to To prevent there identification subordinate Video on me TV networks And on the web and reproduction The song is on national radio. the demand? Removal Coke From text And the video.

In the end, the rapper was better…