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How much does Tiziano Ferro earn? The amazing characters of the guest singer at Verissimo


Tiziano Ferro is an artist loved in Italy and abroad for his songs full of reflection and emotion. Your life is a rainbow of colors, are you ready to discover it?

Talking about Tiziano Ferro is about exploring a life in a thousand facets. Gains, problems with the IRS, depression, parenthood, his songs.

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An unmistakable voice, a smile that is impossible not to love, an intense life that few know. think of a singer, An artist who has conquered a global audience And that with his songs was the soundtrack to Millions of Existence. But how many colors does Tiziano Ferro have? A rainbow full of contrasting shades Which perfectly depicts the vicissitudes of his life. Yellow like the brightness of his smiling eyes, green like the hope he never gave up, red like passion that leak from the words of his black poems The dark times of his life. blue and pink light like the two children who made him the happiest man in the world, as his words show.”Parental experience represents the highest honor and the most demanding burden. Which we will face with love, attention, tenderness and dedication“.

Tiziano Ferro, how much does the famous guest singer earn at Verissimo

The issue of “money” is somewhat sensitive given that there has been a pending dispute with the tax authorities for some time. especially, The singer has to take responsibility for collecting taxes on the 9 million euro debt. The legal battle considers him the protagonist in Italy, but Tiziano Ferro with her husband Victor and their two children Margherita and Andreas live in Los Angeles.

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Estimates speak of heritage About 110 million dollars With an annual income of approx 5 million dollars. They are the fruit of a career that has continued ever since about twenty years But the proceeds are related not only to music but also to advertising and participation in TV shows such as Sanremo 2020 (estimated fee 250 thousand euros for shows). And speaking of music, fans will be happy to hear that November 11 “The World Is Ours” will be releasedNew album of unreleased songs.

“Il Mondo è nostra” will be released on November 11

“Il Mondo è nostra” is an intimate album It delves into the soul of the artist. It is delicate but at the same time bitter, alternating Budgets and ideas. On the other hand for the singer from Latina”The day I don’t sum it up, call the police“Specifically to emphasize the need to explore both the world around him and the inner world. Then he shares the results without hiding anything. And it was precisely this excessive sincerity that got him into trouble at times, which drove him in the midst of storms He always came out with his head held high.

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The disc actually describes the life of Tiziano Ferro paints all colors. He can’t help but be honest even if it means that not everyone likes him. On the other hand, fans are looking forward to the new ready-made album Cry, smile, get excited. On November 11, coinciding with the release, radios will show the song “The First Father’s Day”, The explosion of the artist’s life colors, From the wounds of discrimination to the joy of becoming a father.

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