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Ilary Blasi goes to the bathroom: The discovery is disgusting  But how do you go there like this?

Ilary Blasi goes to the bathroom: The discovery is disgusting But how do you go there like this?

A painful blow to the beloved broadcaster Ilary Blasi! And he couldn’t hide it from the fans. Here is what he saw with his own eyes

Ilarie Blasi is one of the most famous women Italian entertainment world where she was at the helm of managementFamous Island For a few years. After the changes he wanted Pier Silvio Berlusconi We don’t know and we will see her dealing with the outcasts again.

For several months she was at the center of gossip due to her breakup Francesco Totti. At first I was blamed Noemi Pucci Because he is seen as the third wheel. Fortunately, the former Roma captain stepped in to explain how things really turned out. They decide not to hide anymore at his birthday party Give each other a kiss in front of the guestsAmong them are Tutti’s sons.

A moment later, Ilary Blasi was also able to tell the world that she had found her smile next to another man. This is a charming German businessman Bastian MüllerWith whom after a long association I have come out in public. Everyone agrees that they are a beautiful couple, since they both have an envy-inducing charm.

Fans are happy with her ever since she made this announcement. Being a public figure, she tends to constantly update those who follow her since her early days. He was no exception this time, too, by publishing a story about him Instagram Which He left everyone speechless except her.

Ilari Blasi at the confectionery company in Türkiye

As mentioned before, it is not yet known whether Ilary Blasi will have the opportunity to host the survival show for the umpteenth time. The truth is that she won’t stay in the corner, But there will definitely be plans for it. He now enjoys his daily life, devoting himself to his children and taking some trips.

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He is now in Istanbul with Bastian Müller. Even if they haven’t appeared together yet, it’s clear that he’s behind the cell phone ready to take pictures of his girlfriend. However, one event will remain forever imprinted on the presenter’s mind Nothing romantic.

Ilary Blasi’s Instagram story –

An unexpected surprise for the broadcaster

Ilary Blasi at a dinner Show off the crazy outfit: Green asymmetric dress with deep slit and matching sandals. However, social media users’ attention was focused on something else.

In short, Ilary Blasi took a photo of one of the public bathrooms, and did not hesitate to share her amazement with her followers. Toilets as shown in the picture It doesn’t reflect what we have at all Not even remotely. That’s why he wanted to make fun of him.