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How does tennis compete for users’ attention?

How does tennis compete for users’ attention?

‘Players don’t know the rules’ Emphatically affirm your friend and colleague’s judgment. Because it was complicated times between Kurt Cobain passed away. Green Day pulls punk rock to the currentthe first season of friends And the The lack of a truly global web all over the world So is social media. The last part might have made things easier, but it depends on your point of view. “But” friend added, “I didn’t even know them all when I was playing basketball. And you?”. No, and neither do you. So it happened that the referee allowed you a certain position or movement and in the next match another referee told you no, you can’t stay there, or whistled for you for a foul. When asked for the rules, a copy, a fax, and a mimograph, the coach almost laughed at you. There were more beautiful and smarter people. And therefore, inevitably turned into an individual sport, When FIT provided you with the “Carte Federali” book with tennis rules and all that, I was about to move. To say, after all, not knowing the rules of the sport was a normal anomaly for practitioners. today, however, With any document just a click away, there will be no more excuses. however.

Furniture will be yours – “The permanent fixtures and fittings of the court include the end and side fences, the spectators, spectators’ stands and chairs, all fixtures around and above the court, the referee’s chair, the line judges, the goal referee and the ball boys when they are in their respective places. In a singles match played with the doubles net and singles poles , the columns and the grid part outside the singles columns are permanent fixtures and are not considered as uprights or part of the grid The second part moved from paper to reality for example a few years ago (certainly a few more times, but we remember that), starring Almagro, with The ball that hit the bar between the post and the post and returned to the court. The referee stopped the match and nobody seemed to understand why. Concerning the first part of the reported rule, we note the incorrect translation of FIT writing head referee instead of head rule (Referee chair Originally).

Eye of the Hook (closed) – Once upon a time, people smiled when they read various judges and spectators as “furniture”. Then the epidemic came to embody these words, thanks to the sad idea of ​​a tournament to put up forms that fill the empty stands. Not in a figurative sense either Referee is on its way to becoming furniture due to hiring Live HookAnd the Real-time electronic communication technology. Rarely is the human being in the chair allowed to wake up from his slumber and impose himself on technology using veto. It occurs when the ball crosses the boundary covered by the system or if a long line is called rejected by the bar and falls back into the lane. Outside Like a blow from an opponent.

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The problem arises when the ball is half a meter outside and the technology is silent, as in the Canadian first serve in double Glass Davis v. Germany, as the referee was either minding his own business or seeing but wasn’t sure if he could intervene. The matter was finally settled by confirmation The cunning regulation provision according to which “if the system is not available and the referee is unable to make a decision, the point shall be replayed”. The credibility of the system is secure and the judgment is increasing in the furnishings. As long as he stays in his seat and doesn’t suddenly start getting off his high chair remembering he has another obligation. In this case, Not even the furniture And if you hit it, bravo but it doesn’t give you 300 spaceship points Space invaders But, again, the point is back. With another ruling, probably.

Who made Polo? – But it’s not just the refereeing team that owns it Charm The ability to change one’s position as a piece of furniture. The most unusual example is that A network pole that is a fixed element in the service, but returns to a part of the network once the exchange has begun. The rules don’t actually describe it that way, but the consequence is: “A hit is a foul if the hit ball touches a permanent fixture, single stick, or pole before hitting the ground.” It has always eluded us Percentage For this diversification we are open to interpretations. However, it was the rule itself that got away In the match between Andy Murray and Nikoloz Basilashvili last January in Sydney. Here you are Ballistic dexterity the case:

Basil’s first tone touches the bar, spills down the shaft and then returns to the right rectangle. Nikoloz reacts with a slight annoyance to a ring of rare luck only if it is valid and prepares to serve the second, but the referee awards him the first serve. here The real protagonist is the chair umpire, but Andy Murray accepts the decision without batting an eye And the episode is a complete part of our series. Of course, in an outburst of honesty, Basilashvili had to protest and, having resolved the issue in his (not) favour, served the second ball after losing his rhythm and losing 0-3 in the tie-break.

carambola – In the Wimbledon final, Rybakina’s attempt to strike back was directed towards the side stand and Jabeur controlled the lane and then shrugged it off. However, the ball bounced off the referee’s chair and headed back towards half of Jaber’s field. Now sure to win the point, The Tunisian is active in a split second, heading towards the ball. Only then does he stop when he falls back into the corridor. No, Ons, It’s tennis, not billiards: it wouldn’t have counted. However, even limiting ourselves to a gut reaction in the context of the great tension of the first Grand Slam final, we’re not sure that she really thought the play was good and could serve as a nice gag from the person she considers. Fellows to be the funniest of the round Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

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wolf hunting – to me Millennium Estoril OpenWhen Francis Tiafoe It takes the first time to stay in the match against Sebastian cordaHappen or occur The episode we’ve been waiting for since its first public release foxetineAnd the Technology with much less classified hardware than Hawk-eye hardware. czech ribbon grabbed and shot The ball falls over the edge of the net and lands on one of the fox’s cams, which Tiafoe cannot reach. The trend can submit the video contribution (no, it cannot, click on the link below).

It must be borne in mind that the “machine” is considered to be on par with the net pipe sometimes used in indoor tournaments: if a player touches it, he loses the point because it is considered part of the net; If the ball lands on it, it is considered a “first bounce” as if it were the playing surface. The stretch of line is drawn on the camcorder so part of it is considered “good” while the outside part is permanent furniture. On replays, the ball can be clearly seen hitting the side of the court, although the tactile judge does not indicate anything. Frances, however, is not convinced He asks if the first bounce is the one on the vending machine or – which he would like – the next bounce in the aisle. Then he called out Foxtenn, but it must have been one of those days when Technology turns against you because replay is not available, the ball landed on top of the device, not in front of it.. To add to the strangeness of the story, the absence of video cameras positioned at the end of the field aim the same lines, so that there is at least one that is not “blinked” by the player, but there is no trace of him. Regardless of this mystery, the referee supports the original appeal according to the rules. Because apparently there is not even a check mark (It was a straight smash, an aberration maybe…). The audience’s reaction is anthropologically interesting.

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Hard warning – “I don’t have to be ready in 10 seconds, I have another 15 left” says one Belinda Bencic Angry, but contained the referee, who knocked out A.J Warning For violating time because it is not ready to refute. The truth, however, is that He doesn’t have another 15 seconds. When asked by the referee of the chair, “Do you want me to explain the rule?”Belinda answers with two questions: It is not. So we will take care of reporting on dal Rules Book that The batter must match the batter’s reasonable speed and that a time violation may be called before the 25-second mark. Previously, Bencic had received (benefited from) a Soft warningsthe practice that the referee wants Warning A tennis player who commits a foul will be punished next time with… Warning. We don’t know if that helped piss Belinda off, but it has to be admitted With other players on the field, 10 seconds is the time that passes before the clock starts. Anyway, to make our case, this “I have 15 seconds left.” she’s perfect.

Immediately – In Roland Garros, Camila Giorgi It appears on the field for the then victorious challenge to Sabalenka with a brand name on the front of the jersey, while The regulation requires that it be placed on the cover (unless, ça va sans dire, in the sleeveless case). Camilla falls out of the clouds, telling the referee about it He has no other shirts (except for the factory…), The supervisor arrives and allows her to play. The episode was reported by various media outlets, the sponsor being – we imagine – Said. An example of how not knowing (or “not knowing”) a rule sometimes leads to an advantage. Nothing new: he proved it a few months ago Riley Opelka at the US Open with an illegal branded handbag, The ring passed around the world not only because of tennis Which leads to a fine that some might call an advertising investment.

EGO-NISM – We conclude b Nick Kyrgios This, prey to who knows what trance aug- exhibitionist He crosses the net line to go and hit a shot destined to stay in Medvedev’s side, then greets “Number” without understanding why Daniel caught the eye of Eva Asderaki. Had the ball bounced into the Australian court and returned to spin, it would have been a valid stroke; If it had bounced back from the Russian side, it would have been a futile blow. In this way, Nick’s play aggressively enters the upper regions of the point standings that have already been won and instead do not.