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It's a break with Bonifazi.  "Don't tell me about him."

It’s a break with Bonifazi. “Don’t tell me about him.”


The volatile relationship between the influencer and the footballer is over: these are the words of Napoli

The love story between Angela Nastie NS Kevin BonivazThe 25-year-old footballer who currently works for FC Bologna has reached the end of the class. To confirm this, in no uncertain terms, the 22-year-old was on Instagram. The couple who blossomed in 2019 went through many ups and downs, even reconciliation in the early months of 2021. Here is what is known about the reasons for the separation and the suspension of the person in question.

Angela Nastie is single again. She announced herself during a question-and-answer session with her Instagram followers of more than 800k. to ask”But you broke up? ”, proving that the rumors about the end of the love story were already up in the air, Angela answered in the affirmative. Chiara Nasty’s sister has specified that she doesn’t like revealing her private life but He felt it was right to inform his followers of his emotional state. In addition, the 22-year-old asked not to be informed, until now, since then The two have now gone their separate ways.

Angela Nastie Instagram story

After this revelation, Nastie continued to talk to her followers about love and the love life. The 22-year-old explained what, for her, a man should maintain a good relationship: respect the person close to you and love yourself. Nasty wrote: “If there is no respect, no relationship can be resisted, in fact it breaks into a thousand pieces most of the time.” Could it be the lack of respect for Bonifaci on the basis of the separation between the two? The influencer, as of now, has not specified this. There was no official statement from the player.

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Angela Nastie and Kevin Bonifaci, The End of Love

Angela and Kevin have been together, through thick and thin, for over two years. Their love story first broke down in 2020, just a year ago. Then, in January 2021, Backfire Advertise with a sweet photo on Instagram. But this time, the break seems final. In the past, Nasti dated another soccer player, Federico Bonazoli, shortly before he became a Tronista player. “men and women” early 2019. During the program, Naples chose the suitor Alessio Campoli which she left after only thirteen days, on charges of forgery. Angela’s sister, Chiara, lives her love story with Mattia Zacani, the Lazio striker, known after the end of the flirtation of Nicolo Zaniolo.