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From today Croatia adopted the Euro and entered the Schengen Area

Today, January 1, 2023, Croatia It was adopted The euro, the single European currency, and entered the Schengen Area, Europe’s free movement area. Croatia is a member of the European Union since 2013: the adoption of the euro and entry into the Schengen area are approved by European institutions in months past. The euro has replaced the Croatian kuna, and Croatia is the 20th country to adopt it since it was first introduced in 2002. It will instead be the 27th country to join the Schengen Area, and its entry marks the first enlargement of the area since 2011, when Liechtenstein joined.

Croatian Foreign Minister Goran Glik Radman and other members of the government celebrated entry into the Schengen Area just tonight, with the symbolic cutting of a ribbon at the border with Hungary: entry into the area entails, in effect, the removal of border controls at borders with member states and freedom of movement within them.

Croatia applied to join the Schengen Area and adopt the Euro, respectively 2015 And in 2017. Since then, a long period of analysis of the stability of the Croatian economy and its security services by European institutions began, which ended with a positive opinion on both subjects.

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