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Hubble captures a starry cosmic cloud


Deep space still has many mysteries to surprise us with: in recent days, the sky has given us another breathtaking shot captured by the Hubble Telescope’s cameras. It looks almost like a hot smoke wall Standing in the universe, really sexy picture. what is he talking about?

Cosmic cloud immortalized by the Hubble Telescope

NASA has shared one of the most recent images taken since then Hubble telescope, which is absolutely amazing. a A wall of reddish smoke swirls Sprinkled with dazzling-looking tiny, shiny dots: it’s a cosmic starry cloud that scientists have finally been able to study in greater depth. NGC 6530 – this is the name that astronomers have given to the cloud – is a open block It is located in the constellation of Sagittarius and is characterized by cosmic dust, where thousands of stars nest.

First discovered since the 17th century, the cloud is located about 4,350 light-years from Earth and is located in the heart of The Lagoon Nebula, a huge collection of interstellar gases that appears so bright that it can be seen with the naked eye when the sky is clear and dark enough. Thanks to the most modern instruments that the Hubble telescope is equipped with, experts have devoted themselves to the study of NGC 6530. Scouring the entire area, Find new examples of proplydsThe ionized protoplanetary disks that surround newborn stars.

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Most of the items we know of are found nearby Orion NebulaUntil now, it has been difficult for astronomers to understand their origin and presence in other regions of the universe. The Hubble telescope, which is also capable of observing at infrared lengths, is fundamental to the study of stars and their birth. He combined his data with those extrapolated from observations made with the most recent James Webb Telescopeit will be possible Understand the dust and gas surrounding newborn stars And you understand something more about their origin.

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Hubble, his most suggestive image

It was launched into low orbit in 1990, and Hubble Space Telescope It is one of the most important tools we still have today so that we can explore the deepest space. Despite its many years of service, it is still in operation and will likely last another decade or two, before giving way to its “colleague” James Webb. The latter was launched on Christmas Day 2021, and in just one year it was presented to us Some of the most captured shots of the universe ever. But Hubble still has the record in this area: its satellite images are beautiful.

Not even a year ago, say, caught a moment Merge of three separate galaxiesAn extraordinary event occurred More than 680 million light-years from Earth. While last summer it was the turn of A.J The mysterious “tongue of fire”. It has been identified within the Red Spider Nebula, a creepy image. Not to mention that Hubble has allowed scientists to study exoplanets, i.e gamma ray bursts And – last but not least – black holes. In short, it is a veritable gold mine of information from space, and it will remain for a long time to come.

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