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How do you use physical editions of video games?  Coasters or is it better to chase pigeons?  -

How do you use physical editions of video games? Coasters or is it better to chase pigeons? –

I bought a filephysical edition From Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and they all run home with the contentment to put it in your console and start playing. For the occasion, the soft-air camouflage she’s used that she hasn’t taken out of the closet for ten years has been washed. This moment is sacred and we must live it like this: turn on the TV and console, insert the game disc, turn off the lights and … only 70MB of data? Isn’t it a little small? Or has Infinity Ward studied the world’s most efficient data compression system? After a while, the mystery is revealed: you have to download the rest. We are talking about tens of gigabytes that will be pulled from the network. The ritual is ruined, the start of the game is postponed and you find yourself looking at the log looking at a condom when you’re on your own.

Meanwhile, a strange breeze comes from Germany. Electronic Arts denied, but the fact that we started talking about it Abandoning the physical form From the American publisher can only sound the alarm. After all, even when you buy their games in stores, what value do they have now, given that in order to play you still have to download several gigabytes of data to update them? There is a question about collecting, which, however, the incentive is getting increasingly weaker: How many actually collect video games? Moreover, we are now talking more about collecting empty chests than anything else…

Physical video games no longer make sense

Physical coordination is more and more a support for something that exists only at a particular moment and which is often just an access to something else. The game included in the package is not, in most cases, the game we are going to play, but it is still an incomplete version of the software that must be adequately updated to give the maximum (or simply so that it can be reached). Publishers are looking forward to killing Physical form, where they earn a lot of digital sales. Many users no longer find any comfort in having games on disk, but prefer to fill their digital libraries and download game data when needed. In some cases, it is not necessary to do this (think of those who play in the cloud). How long will it last?

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Hence the title question: What to do with physical copies of games? How coasters They look great, but they don’t really work well because they are often very slippery. Moreover, when rubbed on countertops and sinks, they tend to scratch, resulting in an effect that is not entirely pleasant. From this point of view, the old 3.5 floppy disks were more efficient. An alternative is to tape them to balconies to keep pigeons away. The debate about whether or not this method is effective is still raging, but at least it makes sense for these brilliant, brilliant records. Do you know any alternative uses? Like it or not, you have to prepare for the worst.

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