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How carefully is this space disinfected?


Thoroughly cleaning the bedroom and properly sanitizing that room is essential to take care of the home environments, the health of our family, and to ensure renewed comfort.

Since many hours are spent in the bedroom during the night, it can easily become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms that can cause various inconveniences: let’s see how to maintain cleanliness and our well-being.

Bedroom: how to clean it?

bedroom disinfection ed Mattress sterility These are very important processes: in many cases, in fact, if you do not rest well at night and feel eye irritation And the Throat discomfort oa to breathethe reason may be there Mites and microorganisms that invade the environment in which you sleep.

The first step is Make the bed Every day, taking care to leave Ventilate your pillow and bedding for at least ten minutes before putting the sheets back on; Secondly it is necessary Wash pillowcases and sheets every week Blankets and duvets Need to change often. For washing, it is advisable to use special products and choose A High temperature wash programme.

Cleaning must also be done on a regular basis: it is indeed necessary Vacuum Cleaner And the for washing floorsAnd the Remove dirt and dust from surfaces and furnitureAnd the
Shake the carpet and l Avoid the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

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How do you sanitize the bed?

The mattress is a thing that in the long run tends to absorb large amounts of perspiration, dust and dirt: it is therefore essential to sterilize the bed, taking care to keep the lining always in good condition.

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if they exist Mold stains on the mattressIt is very likely that they are caused by the proliferation of fungal microorganisms in humid environmentswith Poor ventilation and with Insufficient exposure to sunlight.

It is therefore necessary to act immediately to prevent compromising the integrity of the mattress itself and a mycosisEven serious about the person who sleeps there. The best way to prevent these problems is to always choose high-quality mattresses, made of comfortable and breathable materials, but if the mattress already has bad smell And there is strange halos on the surfaceyou can use solutions based on Baking soda and vinegar or existing products ammonia.

However, in more serious cases, it is preferable to contact a company that specializes in sterilizing mattresses and sofas, and in cases of advanced mold it may be necessary to resort to specific products and perform steam cleaning.

Plants: A good ally for purifying the air

It’s okay in the morning Open the windows to allow air to re-circulate and to favoroxygenation: In fact, during the night in large quantities of Carbon Dioxide, the gas that makes air heavy; Furthermore, leaving windows open for a few minutes during the day helps prevent moisture buildup.

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Inside the bedroom can help make the air in the bedroom clean: the types most suitable for purifying the air and promoting sleep are Jasmine, lavender, aloe vera, valerian or gardenia.


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