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Scientists have awakened a 48,500-year-old virus from Siberian permafrost

Scientists have awakened a 48,500-year-old virus from Siberian permafrost

Scientists have discovered several viruses that have been buried under the permafrost in Siberia since the last time. ice Age. Although it may seem risky, according to the team, research is necessary if we consider the growth Dangers of thawing permafrost.

In a recent study, researchers said they identified 13 viruses from samples found in eastern Russia. Among them, they were able to bring the virus back to life from a A specimen dating back to 48,500 years ago. If confirmed, it will be The oldest virus ever awakened.

48,500 years old is a world record.said Jean-Michel Clavery, study author and professor of genomics and bioinformatics at Aix-Marseille University, France.

The French team of researchers also brought back 3 new viruses, coming from remnants Mammoths frozen in permafrost 27,000 years ago. New viruses have been called mammoth pithovirus, giant pandoravirus, And the The huge mammoth.

Two other viruses have been isolated from the stomach contents of the Siberian wolf: Lupus Viral Pacman And the lupus

These viruses are capable of infecting amoebae, and experiments have revealed that they may as well potentially dangerous pathogens. The team inserted the viruses into cultures of live amoebae, demonstrating their ability to invade cells and multiply.

as we know it Melting permafrost has dramatic effects on climate, but according to the researchers, it may not be the only danger. It can cause an increase in temperature Awakening of ancient pathogenic viruses.

As unfortunately documented in recent epidemics, any new virus always requires a careful medical response, in the form of an antiviral or a vaccine.added the study author.
It is therefore legitimate to consider the risks of old, still infectious viral particles that could re-enter circulation due to thawing permafrost.. “

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