Monday, July 22, 2024

Housemarque lists the “known issues” it has been working on since launch


With a post posted on the pages of the official Discord forum for Return, Housemarque’s team interacts with fans of the sci-fi roguelike game and lists the “known issues” that emerged from the PS5 exclusive release.

Thus the Finnish team is using the opportunity to call on the community to stop sending reports on Restrictions on return saves, Since the PS5 exclusive creators are aware of the “problem” and in all likelihood will work on some kind of solution to allow players to tackle in the middle of the game.

As for reports from those who reported PlayStation 5 crashes when starting Returnal, the guys from Housemarque tell the next Sony platform owners “It’s a platform issue (With reference to PS5, editor). We have already sent our report to Sony. Obviously, the bug in question must be related to the controller pre-boot system ‘.

Among the problems listed by Housemarque, there are also errors in resetting the controls: Waiting for a critical correction, the Finnish developers are suggesting that the enthusiasts use Default control settings.

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