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The SpaceX capsule, Crew Dragon, brought the four astronauts back from the International Space Station to Earth

The SpaceX capsule, Crew Dragon, brought the four astronauts back from the International Space Station to Earth

I’m back on Earth after six months in space. capsuleDragon of the Crew From SpaceX He returned to Earth with four astronauts from the International Space Station. The trench occurred in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast Panama City, In Florida, just before 3 a.m., ended Elon Musk’s second astronaut flight. It was a quick and lasting trip home Only 6 and a half hours. The astronauts, three Americans and one Japanese, have returned to the same capsule called Resilience, in which they were launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in November. Their 167-day mission is the longest ever organized by the United States. The previous record of 84 days was set by a Skylab station crew in 1974.

The four astronauts, three Americans and a Japanese, left the International Space Station last night. The Crew Dragon capsule broke apart at the exact time (20.35 hours on the East Coast of the United States and 2.35 hours today in Italy). Other alternative sites have also been identified if required. “We trained to recover the crews day and night“Reassured Steve Stitch, head of NASA’s commercial aviation program, and questioned him shortly before leaving the capsule. He explained that SpaceX’s ships could reach the capsule” about 10 minutes after they landed. “

The Americans Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Shannon Walker And Japanese Soichi Noguchi Last November, the first astronauts on a “operational” mission were transferred to the International Space Station by the space company Elon Musk, a primary partner of NASA. Two Americans already made a round trip aboard the Dragon in 2020, during a two-month test mission on the International Space Station.

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We welcome you to Planet Earth and thank you for driving SpaceX, SpaceX’s mission control room moments after landing. “For those enrolled in our frequent flyer program, you win 68 million miles on this journeyThey added from the control room. “We’re going to travel those miles,” replied Mike Hopkins, the captain of the spacecraft. “Is it transferable?” From SpaceX, they joked that astronauts should check out the company’s marketing department. Within half an hour of his release Charred capsuleShaped like roasted giant marshmallows, they were hoisted on a rescue ship. Hopkins was the first to come out of the capsule. “It’s amazing what can be achieved when people get together,” he told air controllers at Space X at the company’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California. “Frankly, you are all changing the world. Congratulations. It is great to be back“.