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Helsinki - Roma 1-2, Abraham and El Shaarawy decide

Helsinki – Roma 1-2, Abraham and El Shaarawy decide

To qualify for the Round of 16, the Giallorossi must beat Ludogorets on the last day

Roma beat HJK Helsinki 2-1, but to qualify for the round of 16 of the Europa League, they had to beat Ludogorets on the final day at the Olympique.. The Giallorossi hit the crossbar with Cristante (20 minutes) and the same midfielder sees the 1-0 goal canceled by Var due to an offside by Fulpato. at 41′ lbrahim Opens and finds the feature with the imperative header. The Finns find a tie in the 54th minute with a former Serie A player, hitimagethen at 62 minutes huskunen cross cross El Shaarawy. At 79′ Farr is still the protagonist, when he cancels out a 35-meter euro goal scored by Brown for a handful earlier from Abou Bakari to Cristante.

the match
Roma do all their duty, but it is not enough to break the pass in the 16th minute: thanks to success with Ludogorets, Betis won first place in the group and now everything will be decided next week in the head-to-head confrontation against the Bulgarians. . The two teams come close with 7 points, but the Giallorossi should win as they lost 2-1 in the first leg. The happiest note for Mourinho in the Finnish cold is the return to the goal of Abraham, who played the usual generous and experienced match this time with a good goal, the third of the season and the first in Europe. The performance of Cristante, a man of Giallorossi all over the place, remains sumptuous, while Volpato is brought back. The youngster managed a few games and because of his offside in front of the goalkeeper, Var cleared the goal from Cristante. Next Thursday will be a final, and it’s one of those Moe knows how to win.

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Mourinho is doing some of his spin, without giving up on the three-man defense. The left arm is Fina, in front of him is a chance for El Shaarawy and behind Ibrahim with Pellegrini there is space for Fulpato. The hosts start well and create between 4 and 5 good chances: first Smalling’s save for Brownie, then from the corner Hoskonen heads home with Roy Patricio’s fly and saves himself in two halves. Roma takes a while to refuel, but at the first opportunity it comes very close to the advantage (20 min): Cristiano hits the crossbar with a header on Pellegrini’s corner, then a foul is created with Fina and Mancini walking in a stone’s throw. Whoever leads does not find a winning deviation. As the minutes passed, the Giallorossi took charge and crushed the Finns: in the 23rd minute Brown blocked Pellegrini’s safe shot, and three minutes later Hazard rejected Abraham’s right shot. Helsinki’s back guard starts squeaking dangerously and at 28 minutes gives up, or rather not: Pellegrini’s corner and Cristante’s winning header. The goal was disallowed by Phar due to an offside by Vulpato who obstructed the Northern Ireland goalkeeper. The date is postponed with only the goal he deserves and arrives in the 41st minute: Pellegrini takes a free kick, a violent break from Abraham who crushes his head and puts it in the corner. The first goal of the season in Europe for the Englishman, who finally opens.

The second half begins with a sly right-footed from Abraham (50 minutes) and in the 54th minute Helsinki finds a tie with an old acquaintance of Dorina, Hetemag, good at penetrating Rui Patricio inside the area, but Mancini freely left him. . The Finn’s delight lasts only 8′, until El Shaarawy’s cross is deflected a little first by Swerri and then into his own knee by Huskkonen (62). Boujlab’s entry causes a shock to Helsinki, as the Moroccan takes high kicks and then commits to Rui Patricio. Mo made three changes in a single shot in the 78th minute and a minute later Brown found his life goal with a shot from 35 meters deflected slightly by Abraham who slipped under the intersection. The 26-year-old’s joy from Papua New Guinea lasts for a few moments, as referee Martins disqualifies him after Farr called him for a slap from Abobakari to Cristante. In the final, Hazard saved Shumorodov and Rui Patricio is no longer in danger.

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report cards
Ibrahim 7
– The happiest note of the evening, considering that the result is almost irrelevant. The English also open in Europe with an inevitable header, and 90 minutes is a constant danger.
Christy 7 Another testament to the great essence of blue, an irreplaceable focus for Mourinho. He hits the crossbar and sees a goal that was overruled by Var and in the final is rewarded with technology when the referee overrules HJK 2-2 for a slap against him. Irreplaceable.
Mancini 5 – A vague guide to the middle, who is warned (and will miss the final decisive match), involuntarily saves on Fina and leaves plenty of room for a hettag to mark 1-1.

Hazard 6.5 – He deserves to be blamed for the two goals, he is very good to Ibrahim in the first half and Shumorodov in the final. an act.
Ulusania 5 – A difficult life against Smalling and his comrades. He plays for a while and hardly sees it. Really replaced.

HGC Helsinki (3-5-2)
: Hazard 6.5; Hoskonen 5.5, Halme 6, Peltola 5.5; Soiri 5.5, Lingman 5.5, Vaananen 5, Hetemaj 6.5 (24′ st Boujellab 6.5), Browne 6.5; Hostikka 5, Olusanya 5 (1 ‘st Abubakari 5). Available: Tannander, Saksela, Toivio, Riski, Martic, Radulovic, Terho, Tanaka, Serrarens, Yli-Kokko. Attached: Koskela 5.5
Rome (3-4-2-1): Roy Patricio 6; Mancini 5, Smalling 6, Fina 6; Zalewski 6, Camara 6 (33′ st Bove sv), Cristante 7 (39′ st Kumbulla dv), El Shaarawy 6.5 (44′ st Spinazzola sv); Volpato 5 (33′ st Faticanti sv), Pellegrini 6,5 (33′ st Shomurodov 6), Abraham 7. Available: Boer, Svilar, Karsdorp, Belotti, Tripi, Cherubini. Attached: Mourinho 6
Rule: Martins (POR)
Signs41: Abraham (right), 9 Hettag St. (H), 17 El Shaarawy St. (right)
ammonite: Mancini (R), Halmi (H), Rui Patricio (R), Abou Bakari (H), Spinazzola (Right)

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