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Bologna, Thiago Motta sees things

Bologna, Thiago Motta sees things

About ten years ago, shortly before he left for the 2012 European Championships, he spoke with Prandelli, Coach at that time, the discussion came Thiago Motta. Our question: But are you really convinced he’s the right man for this team? Cesar replied, sort of a sentence: “You have no idea what Thiago might see when he’s on the field». What Thiago Motta He’s seen it on the field and continues to see it from the bench. He has been the mastermind of many coaches, incl Mourinho In the year of the trilogy and Prandelli Second place in the European Championship. If we take factors such as the team’s technical level, personnel completeness, ambitions, play and results as the basis, it can be reasonably said that Thiago is currently the best coach in the Italian League With Di Francesco, D’Aversa and Palladino. All four have, with their play and results, exceeded expectations, but so far the Italian has pushed the Brazilian more than the others, making the team grow in the space of twelve months, both in this season and in the last tournament when it was held in September 2023. Mihailovic’s placeWhich will remain forever in all of our hearts. It wasn’t an easy time, ya Bologna He was shrouded in sadness, Sinisa’s relationship with the team was strong, his charisma was irreplaceable, and the new coach needed tact, sensitivity and humanity even before knowing football. Thiago took over the team On September 12, he got 6 points from 6 matchesranked eleventh in the standings, and eventually finished ninth, two points behind Florentine Which, due to Juventus’ exclusion from UEFA, entered the Conference League.

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The work of Thiago Motta

It seems easy to tell it that way, and it’s also easy and fun to tell it Bologna today But Thiago had a bad start, losing three times in the first four matches. It took a lot of strength not to give up and get the team back into the flight line. During that period, the young coach began to give his best. He started this year with a team that was missing some pieces, and slowly put them together, one by one, until he gave life to the creature of these days. the Bologna They are the team with the most knowledge in the tournament. He knows how to defend and replay the ball, he knows how to dribble and pass vertically, he knows how to manage, wait and hit. He has an extraordinary talent, like a pure diamond ZarkaziBut the Dutchman’s quality shines most because he collaborates with the rest of the team, it is not an end in itself. However, Thiago started from defence, from the defensive phase that everyone gets credit for. It has good artists, like Pokema and LucumiBut it is not only thanks to them that Bologna today has the third defense in the Italian League after the other Inter And Juventus.

Bologna numbers

He conceded ten goals in 13 matches, and last year he conceded almost two goals, 19. For this reason, the coach paid attention and directed his work, refining it until it turned into a strength: 6 times so far. Skorupski He did not concede any goals. He can and should score more, compared to the last tournament, he has one goal less, but also Arnautovic In less. In the thirteenth round, the Austrian ranked second in the scorers’ standings with 7 goals, and Osimhen only scored one goal. But in this case, without being overly optimistic, just wait for growth Zarkazi, Which I don’t regret yet Arnautovic. on the contrary.

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