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Boxe, Guido Vianello Between Episodes, Books and Piano: The Gladiator's Return to Rome

Boxe, Guido Vianello Between Episodes, Books and Piano: The Gladiator’s Return to Rome

“Your Murachi”. Maestro Italo Mattioli, when we saw in the Montagnola Team Boxe this young man aiming for two meters in front of him, exclaimed astonishment with all his light Roman soul. At that moment, the already experienced boxer’s intuition saw other horizons. And he was right. Guido Vianello, 28 years old, from Rome. Bob Arum, one of the most famous managers in world boxing – among his boxers even Muhammad Ali – wanted him with him. As a professional, in the USA: 10 matches, 9 wins by knockout and 1 draw, Nickname for those who are very popular abroad, The Gladiator. “When I arrived I didn’t speak English. The first thing they told me was not to take interpreters, speak for myself. Because in the US they are obsessed with the Italian accent, you are more of a boxer.”

Vianello stepping into the ring with his Gladiator mask, a photo highly regarded in the USA

The gladiator returns to Rome

Now it’s time to go home: tonight in Rome, at the Pala Atlantico. For the capital, the possibility of resuming the great tradition with Italian weightlifters, made up, among other things, of a legendary world title – Primo Carneira, 1933, in Piazza di Siena – and Olympic gold medalist, Franco De Piccoli in the unforgettable 1960 edition . “I am so happy that the people who were close to me will eventually be able to see me alive. But I was even more excited when I fought at Madison Squadre Garden or at the Rio Olympics. Now I feel like I’ve found the right balance, I am calm and assertive.” Maturity, but also nostalgia for his hometown: “The United States has taught me many things. I got involved, I grew up as a boxer and as a man. Six months in California, then two years in Las Vegas. You meet a lot of interesting people, really cool people. But it is difficult to make a true friend. in Las Vegas For example, in addition to high-level training (he made the gloves with world champion Tyson Fury, Ed), the rest were staying at home and walking long distances, often alone. It is a city that never sleeps, but ironically risks being empty in this endless madness….”

University and passion for playing the piano

Fists, culture, modernity, sensitivity. Vianello Studies (“At Lewis, I’m in my third year in political science. I envision myself in the future with a founding role in sports”), He gives himself the right to social media (“Impossible to do that and less nowadays, but we must not exaggerate”) and loves to play the piano: “I love Ludovico Einaudi, classic but youthful.” He could have been a tennis player since there is a family club in the eurozone, he chose something else: “The important thing is dissatisfaction. Many think I’m lucky to work with Americans, and that’s also true. The money I earn I reinvest in large part to live outside The problem. Nobody gives you results. It takes sacrifices and if one day I can earn a millionaire scholarship for a world title, it is because I have such a bad ass.”

I’m stronger than Anthony Joshua

The next step of the project, The match against Britain’s Guy MacFarlane: “I consider it the last building match, from next time I will raise the level. But that does not mean that I underestimate it. I spent two weeks in England, I trained with Daniel Dubois (one of the rising stars of English boxing), in Italy I chose to spar with the characteristics of my opponent.” Meanwhile, the level has already been raised with words (“I’m stronger than Anthony Joshua”) Quoted from the former heavyweight champion. The meeting, organized by Top ranked by Bob Arum and Opi since 82, He will see other Roman boxers as champions: Mirco Natalese against dangerous Briton Dixon, European Super Fly champion Stephanie Silva, Capitoline derby Rosso Sarchoto – Superworld flag – and Casamonica – Lolli. Streaming live on Mola TV, for the US the match will go to Espn. Planet audience, Gladiator Americans began to seriously believe in him.

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