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Have you ever seen the strangest Ferrari ever?  It looks like a spaceship!

Have you ever seen the strangest Ferrari ever? It looks like a spaceship!

Ferrari is a legendary brand, but only a few know about this car and one of the strangest models ever seen.

The automotive world has boasted a series of iconic brands over the years, but perhaps none have garnered the same following as Ferrari. There is no doubt that the Prancing Horse is a giant who has been able to make himself the focus of attention around the world, thanks to the successes he has achieved in motorsport.

Ferrari is the strangest model ever (Canva –

the Ferrari In fact, it was born as a suitable and ideal car for racing and it should not be surprising that such an extraordinary legend as Lewis Hamilton I decided to run. 2025 will be a very special year, considering how strange it is to see the Briton in Maranello.

After many years spent competing on the track as a competitor, Sir Louis is now ready to win his eighth world title with Cavallino. But this again highlights why Ferrari It is by far the most exceptional brand in the world of racing and motoring, and there has been no shortage of great collaborations.

One of the most famous ones is the one made using pininfarina, The company that has been a reference point for bodywork for years. Relying on this giant means searching for the best of the best, but at the same time it can give life to very special projects that many consider unique.

Ferrari 512S Pininfarina Modulo: I've never seen a car like it before

In 1970, Pininfarina decided to design a concept that had never been seen before, starting with the Ferrari 512S. Thus, the model that presented itself to the eyes of the world was 448 cm long, 204 cm wide and 448 cm high. 93.5, The idea to design this innovative car came to a genius Paulo Martin.

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Ferrari 512S Pininfarina Modulo (YouTube –

The latter actually understood that it was possible, starting with Ferrari 512S, effectively giving life to a wheeled spaceship. In fact, it is a car with a shape and design that is definitely far from traditional cars, as the car looks very low and was somehow able to anticipate its era, which inspired the Lancia Stratos, the queen of the future. Of marches.

The official presentation of this car took place in 1970 at the Geneva Motor Show. This car remained unique, as it was equipped with the 5,000 hp V12 engine of the Ferrari 512S, a model that brought a fortune to the house Maranello In the typical sports sector.

Privacy and strangeness The dimensions of this car, fIt has ensured that all the great exhibitors in the world cannot wait for this car to become the centerpiece of their show. For this reason, although it never became a production car and always remained a unique prototype, it became one of the most popular cars of those years. Even today they can be admired at some circuits, with the 1970 project not only leading to a potential revolution in the automotive world, but it did show a spaceship on the road, an innovation that left a historical mark.