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Public Water, Castaldo (M5s) at a demonstration in Brussels: "No to a listing. It's not a commodity but a commodity"

Public Water, Castaldo (M5s) at a demonstration in Brussels: “No to a listing. It’s not a commodity but a commodity”

“The public water defense He is the first star in 5 star movement The future of future generations is at stake. For this reason, I can only agree with my appealAgora of the inhabitants of the earth Who demonstrated today in front of European Parliament“. he said that Fabio Massimo Castaldo, MEP of the 5-Star Movement and Vice-President of the European Parliament, at the demonstration organized by associations against the pricing of water on the stock exchange, which was held today in Brussels. The EU Water Framework Directive recognizes this Water is not a commodityBut it is a public good essential to human life and dignity. An asset that we must protect, defend and treat as such. So hopefully the water won’t come It is not considered a private financial asset And that it is not allowed to trade in the stock exchange as happens for other commodities. If we violate this fundamental right, it will be difficult for us to respect all other rights.”

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