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Risk assignments are ongoing.  At least 500 seats are up for grabs

Risk assignments are ongoing. At least 500 seats are up for grabs

In many companies both the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors expire, and in others only one of these collective bodies expires. For example, at Leonardo, the former Finmeccanica company, only the Board of Auditors expires.

Companies subject to indirect control

Among the indirect subsidiaries, that is, companies successively controlled by companies controlled by the Ministry of Finance, in addition to Anas, stands out Saipem, a listed company controlled by Eni with Cdp Equity. Saipem's Board of Directors is expiring and is led by Silvia Merlo (Chairman), a member of a family of entrepreneurs from Cuneo and former Eni Managing Director Alessandro Politi (CEO). In another important company of the energy group, Eni Plenitude, only one member is required to be appointed to the board of directors.

CDB Group

In the CDP Group, the boards of directors of three subsidiaries are also expiring. Among these are the Board of Directors of Fintecna, chaired by General Vincenzo Delle Femen, and Antonino Torrici, the director whom Giorgia Meloni, three weeks after assuming the presidency of the Board, wanted to appoint as chief operating officer of Ita Airways, instead of Alfredo Altavilla. The Boards of Directors of Cdp Reti and Open Fiber Holdings also expire. The Board of Auditors of Holding Reti Autostradali, the special purpose vehicle between CDP and the investment funds that purchased Autostrade per l'Italia from the Benetton family, also expires within the scope of CDP. The latest Board of Auditors also needs to be renewed. However, the relevant boards of these three companies have not yet expired.

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Other regulated companies

Among the direct subsidiaries of Mef whose expiration date also includes, on the Board of Directors of Anpal Servizi, President and CEO Massimo Timosi, the Board of Directors of Cinecittà, President Chiara Sbarigio and Nicola Maccanico, the Board of Directors of the GSE, headed by Paolo Arrigoni, who was a Senator For the Association for ten years, the Board of Directors of Eurospa, former President of the Democratic Party and former President of the Province of Rome Enrico Gasparra, to Angela Maria Cosillo. Board of Directors of Infrastrutture Milano Cortina 2020-2026 expires, President Veronica Vecchi, Luigi Valerio Sant'Andrea, Board of Directors of the real estate company Invimit Sgr, former Vice President of the Association Trifone Altieri, Giovanna Della Posta.

Among the indirect subsidiaries are the boards of important companies such as Telespazio, controlled by Leonardo, of which Luigi Pasquali is responsible, Leonardo International and e-Geos, a company controlled by the former Finmeccanica, which has a board of directors. With a female majority (3 out of 5), the president is Maria Fabrizia Bongiorno, but the CEO is a man, Paolo Menciaci.