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Harry must block Meghan Markle's Spotify deal or he'll be the downfall

Harry must block Meghan Markle’s Spotify deal or he’ll be the downfall

Harry can’t ignore his cousin’s call Zara Tindall Or it will be ruin for him and for him Meghan Markle. For the first time, Princess Anne’s daughter is interfering in the controversy between the Sussex family and the royal family, as she has now hit rock bottom and a new misstep by the couple would be a disaster.

Meghan Markle, the millionaire deal must be stopped

Meghan Markle announced a new deal millionaire With Spotify for podcasts. The topic dealt with an interest in the world of women and a denunciation of stereotypes, but it is clear to experts on real-world issues that it will be used to discredit the royal family once again, in this case affecting its women.

This insult adds to Recently, Harry and Meghan Markle were confiscated In memory of Prince Philip. Everyone was in attendance, even the Queen overcoming her health issues to attend the ceremony at Westminster Abbey to remember her husband. And around her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She even allowed Prince Andrew, who was overshadowed by the Epstein scandal, to accompany her to church.

But Harry and Meghan refused to support their grandmother at this time and their position was determined by many “shameful”. Not satisfied, Sussex has fought a new legal battle against mail on sunday about Harry’s feelings are hurt He stated that he had pledged to pay the costs of protecting his family out of his own pocket when he returned to England.

Harry and Zara Tindall plead to prevent Meghan

Faced with this chaos, Zara Tindall can no longer remain silent and makes an appeal to her cousin, Harry, to at least fix what is still possible. He would have asked him to stop Meghan and ask her not to publish the new podcast, the launch of which is set to coincide with the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

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According to the statements of a source close to the palace, taken from the magazine new ideaThis was the last straw for Zara, who is incredibly close to her grandmother and can’t stand seeing Harry and Meghan making fun of the queen in the last years of his life.” To this day, Zara has tried to remain reclusive but has no intention of letting her grandmother’s jubilee overshadow Didi Markle’s podcasts. “He wants to Harry stop Meghan Preventing her from doing something clearly uncomfortable.”