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The winner, special guests and the showdown between…

The final edition of the third edition of Il Cantante Mascherato will take place on Friday 1 April. The celebrity game hosted by Milly Carlucci will elect its winner for the third year, but that’s not all: during the episode there will be wonderful guests and comparisons of different characters that can be hidden in masks that are still in the race.

Everything is ready for the grand finale of the third edition of masked singer. Milli CarlucciThe Jury investigation and masks The finalists will return to air on Friday, when the third winner of the Celebrity Game will be opinion One.

there will be Excellent Guests Tonight: the return of the historical faces of the program but also comparisons Among the various characters that the judges are allegedly hiding in masks Still in the race. What will be next mask Show winner? And who will hide? like Victor?

super guest

During the evening, a masked singer there will be Excellent Guests. Above all, there will be the return of a former judge to the investigative platform of the previous two versions of the celebrity game. It is located around Pie BravoItalian pop icon and guest of honor next Friday.

Furthermore, for the singer finalists de masked singer They will devote a diverse One of her most successful songs ever, while herself Pie Bravoin “Tell Me You Don’t Want to Die”, in which he participated sanremo 1997.

The other payout will be in the show instead Eva Zanishi at Investigations: In previous episodes he had replaced him on the jury Francesco Facinti When he was in quarantine after a positive smear.

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Comparison of the “suspects”

To get the final DIY masked singerAnd the Millie Carlucci He also called some characters who, according to the jury, could be among those who are hiding in various masks that are still in competition.

In the studio on Friday night we’ll see next Lino Banfi And the Giancarlo Magali With their daughters, who will be listed as potential identities hidden in snail. There will be too twins Gidoniathe other big suspects are always about snail.

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Masks that reached the final A masked singer 3 I: snailAnd the FoxAnd the chameleonAnd the sun moon And the flea.