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Andrea Pucci goes down hard

Replacing Andrea Pucci with Barbara D’Urso on running La Pupa and the Nerdy Show didn’t go down at all for the comedian, who never again missed the opportunity to attack the show that aired on Italia 1.

to Andrew Bucci It has not been replaced at all Barbara dorso for behavior Bubba and Nerdy Show And the comedian has no problem hiding it. After the first episode aired, Bucci Share his stories Instagram Some comments on the web Criticize the new edition From the reality show and the host herself, including:

Bringing us back the real Pupa and nerd, Barbara D’Urso destroyed the show.

Pucci kindly returns to the Italia Uno and chases after everyone because it’s all bullshit.

And also yesterday after the broadcast of the third episode of the reality show Italy 1And the Andrew Bucci Once again take a stand against the program and dorso.

Andrea Pucci attacks La Pupa and the Nerdy Show

Barbara D & # 8217;  Urso: Andrea Pucci attacks her againIssuance Bubba and Nerdy Show Aired last year conducted by Andrew Buccithat has not been replaced Barbara Dorso.

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guest on Anything is possible tonightprogram Ray Dio made by Stefano Di MartinoThe comedian wrote in his stories:

Did they take La Boba and the nerd out of me? And so I am tonight anything is possible, with my friend Stefano Di Martino!

The next day, as soon as the ratings were announced, Bucci sent some of them fossils To the program that is broadcast on Italy 1stating:

Our work delights those of you who follow what we do. And I’m enjoying it like crazy. The serve by my friend Stefano Di Martino brilliantly destroyed everything that was against us.

episode Everything is possible tonight Aired last Tuesday, arrived11% shareWhile Bubba and Nerdy Show has arrived at8%. Who knows whether dorso or Mediaset They never intend to respond to the comedian’s recent attacks.

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