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Harry and Meghan weren't at Obama's party: Here's why

Harry and Meghan weren’t at Obama’s party: Here’s why

The tabloids have always emphasized the friendship between Sussex and Obama. A true alliance was supposed to pave the way for the Duchess of Sussex to reach the White House. Basic support for Harry NS Megan after megaset. However, something could have broken between the spouses. The misunderstanding would be the real reason Harry and Meghan missed the 60th party birthday In Barack Obama.

Friendship in the balance?

the Principe Harry Barack Obama met for the first time the time In 2015 in Washington, in the Oval Room of the White House, and since then, despite the age difference, a strong relationship arose between the two, characterized by ideals and common interests, which was expanded and strengthened by the presence of Michelle Obama and Megan Markle. But in the past few days, something very strange could have happened that convinced journalist Camila Tominay telegraph To investigate. It all starts with a very simple question: If it is true that Harry and Meghan are good and close friends of Barack and Michelle, why did they miss the former president’s 60th birthday party, which was held on Martha’s Vineyard last year? Saturday 7 August?

The reason can be found in the Sussexes’ statements to the press, in particular in the March 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey. Obama wouldn’t have liked Harry and Meghan’s claims about Royal family, perhaps judging them straightforward and full of excessive hatred. Tomini explained: Some of the values ​​in the Obama home do not touch each other. So it’s possible that the couple who always put the family at the forefront of attacks on the royal family, on top of amplifying them through television screens, didn’t like it.” According to the former presidential couple, in short, Harry and Meghan would have outdone each other Limit. An insider revealed to the Telegraph: “Barack and Michelle certainly wouldn’t like it if their daughters talked to the press.”

There is also another question that should not be underestimated: Obama has no interest in publicly siding with Harry and Meghan, which antagonizes Windsor. On the contrary, their focus should be on diplomacy. In this sense, the March 16 statement by Michelle Obama in a commentary on the Sussex interview with Oprah should be read: “When I think about what they are going through, I think about the importance of family, and I pray for forgiveness, clarity and love. I hope that at some point everything will be resolved, because there is nothing more important than family.” Neutral, highly balanced words, typical of those who want to maintain a certain separation, positioning themselves at an equal distance from the contenders, namely the Royal Family and Sussex.

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We don’t know if there are any clarifications between Sussex and Obama, if they met in person to talk about it, if Michelle and Barak gave any advice to the Dukes regarding the possibility of future interviews about their private lives. At the moment we only have one fact, the absence of the Sussexes from Obama’s birthday party and many more guesses to prove.

Harry and Meghan are excluded from the party?

We do not know if the Dukes of Sussex have declined the invitation to Ceremony From the Obama family, or whether they didn’t receive it at all. Meghan Markle and Barack Obama celebrate their birthday on the same day, August 4, but the Duchess was going to spend this special moment with the family, without any special celebrations, while the former president planned his own party for the following Saturday. So it appears that the possibility of an overlap between two events would have required a choice on the part of Harry and Meghan (a possibility that would have been easy to avoid anyway even in other circumstances).

Surely, Barack Obama should have shortened it List of guests due to anti-Covid restrictions, but it seems odd that he has canceled the names of two of his closest friends. In this regard, Angela Levine confirms Al the sun: “Meghan desperately wanted to be a special guest” in the party. Unfortunately, according to the expert, the dukes were never on the list of lucky participants. Is it really over?friendship Between Sussex and Obama? we will see.

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