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Le scuse del primo ministro greco per i ritardi nel contenere gli incendi

Alessandra Mussolini on her new progressive positions

Alessandra Mussolini, former Member of Parliament and MEP of the Italian Social Movement, gave Allianza Nazionale and then Forza Italia, as well as being Benito Mussolini’s nephew, Interview to weekly Vanity Fair In which he spoke of his recent seemingly progressive statements, notably in favor of Zahn’s bill against homophobia, which in recent months has raised some eyebrows, given its past as a ferocious policy of the far right. “Sexual orientation is not a topic: it’s like wearing a dress that you can change, and no one cares what it is.”

Journalist Silvia Nosini asked her if she could be a “left-wing girl” if she wanted to, to which Mussolini replied: “But I am! I am a different girl who fought battles in which she believed in beyond colors ».

Mussolini is no longer a member of Parliament since she was not elected in the 2019 European elections, and a few months ago she said she was leaving her political career. Meanwhile, he participated in some TV shows in particular Dancing with the stars NS disguised singer, and seems to build a very different public figure from the one with which she is best known: for years, she was in fact one of the most visible figures of the Italian right. On television, he once boasted that he was a fascist in a confrontation with activist and politician Vladimir Luxoria.

“Before I worried that my constituents wouldn’t be disappointed, now: ciaone,” Mussolini says now, and that “I’ve always thought of certain things, but since I was still in the political realm, I couldn’t give them space.” Speaking about his grandfather, he said: “I immediately understood by my nickname that I must live with it out of conviction or self-belief, I decided that this is a fact that I must make positive. Even more: perhaps.”

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